1.5 million fans are expected to attend the FIFA World Cup final, know why Qatar remained in controversies this year

Qatar FIFA World Cup Final Controversy: The decision to select Qatar as the host of FIFA World Cup 2022, the biggest football tournament, has been criticized since its inception. Its being done. The selection was announced in 2010 after voting by FIFA officials. The selection of Qatar as host has long been dogged by allegations of bribery and corruption. Despite all this, Qatar has managed to host the world’s biggest football tournament. 1.5 million football fans are expected to attend the World Cup final.  

Qatar always remains in the eyes of the world due to strict rules. Not only this, the image of fundamentalist forces is also clearly visible in Qatar for some time. Being an Islamic country, the rules have been made stricter here than other countries. Let’s know about the reason behind its controversy.

Qatar’s law on same-sex relationships?

Sexual relationships are illegal in Qatar, as they are considered immoral under Islamic Sharia law. There is also a provision of fine along with punishment for having sex in Qatar. This includes imprisonment for seven years to death by stoning. However, Qatar’s World Cup organizers say that everyone will be welcome here and no one will be discriminated against. At the same time, Qatar 2022 chief executive Nasser Al Khater says that the law on homosexuality will only change and that all people coming here should respect their culture.

Treatment of foreign workers in Qatar?

Around 30,000 workers from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines built facilities for the World Cup final, including new stadiums, hotels and roads. According to a report, Qatar won the bid for the World Cup in February 2021. During that time more than 6500 workers had died in Qatar, which is enough to tell how the condition of foreign workers in Qatar is. However, the government had called this report misleading.

Qatar claimed that this involved a number of foreign workers who had lived in Qatar for long periods of time and had not worked on World Cup projects. Qatar’s official records show that between 2014 and 2020, 37 workers died at World Cup stadium construction sites. At the same time, the International Labor Organization estimates that in 2021 alone, 50 foreign laborers died in Qatar and more than 500 others were seriously injured. Apart from these, 37600 have suffered minor injuries. 

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