181 cheetals released in the forest of Kuno National Park, cheetahs coming from Namibia will hunt

MP News: Cheetahs are being brought from Namibia to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Prime Minister these cheetahs Narendra Modi. 181 cheetals have been sent from Rajgarh forest to Sheopur so that there is no inconvenience in the food of the coming cheetahs. Cheetahs will be released from Namibia on September 17 at Kuno National Park located in Sheopur of the state. In addition to providing a better environment, preparations are underway to take special care of their care and hunger.

Facilitate rapid promotion of endangered species. For this, Chidikho Sanctuary of Rajgarh district has come as a boon. There are a lot of chital and deer in this sanctuary. This is the reason that 181 cheetals have been sent from Narsinghgarh Chidikho Forest Sanctuary in Rajgarh district to satisfy the hunger of cheetahs coming from Africa. A demand for 200 chital was made from here. From Narsinghgarh Chidikho Sanctuary located in Mandal, 181 chitals have been sent by us to Kuno National Park. Apart from this, 245 cheetals were sent by us to Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary in the year 2021. 9 chitals have been sent to Seoni of Dewas. In this way, Narsinghgarh Chidikho Sanctuary of Rajgarh district also has an important contribution in the location project of Cheetah which is going on now.

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500 cheetals sent from Rajgarh
Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary will be the next stop of cheetahs after Kuno National Park. 500 cheetals have been sent from Rajgarh for Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary. A few days ago, a quartet of deer chital was seen in the forest area of ​​Rajgarh district. Due to the sudden sending out of such a large number of chitals, now tourists are not getting to see the explosion of chital.

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