2500 crores saved in Chhattisgarh in 3 years, what is electricity bill half scheme?

Chhattisgarh News: Amid rising inflation in the country, the electricity bill is giving a big blow to the common citizens. Day by day the use of electric goods running on electricity is increasing. People are forced to use expensive electricity for facilities, but do not have to worry about the cost of electricity in Chhattisgarh. Because there is electricity bill half scheme in the state, for this consumers have to pay only half the money.

What is Electricity Bill Half Scheme
Actually, Electricity Bill Half Scheme has been implemented in Chhattisgarh from March 1, 2019. With this, consumers are getting 50 percent discount on electricity consumption up to 400 units. Along with this, 30 units of electricity are being given free of cost every month to the families living below the poverty line under the Ekal Batti Connection Yojana. By combining these two schemes, around 40 lakh domestic electricity consumers of the state are getting benefits. 

Saving of Rs 2500 crore in 3 years from the scheme
This is saving a lot of money for the consumers who use electricity. In the last three years, the people of the state have saved crores of rupees. It has been told by the Energy Department that 42 lakh consumers of the state are getting direct benefits from the Half Electricity Bill scheme. Under this scheme in the state, so far 2500 crore electricity consumers have been given relief in their bills. These consumers are being given rebate in electricity bill on consumption of up to 400 units.

Rs 900 can be saved every month
Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited officer M. Jamulkar said that under this scheme, domestic consumers will be directly billed for consumption of up to 400 units. Electricity bill is being issued giving the benefit of 50 percent discount. Its information is given by printing it separately in the bill. In this, consumers who spend up to 400 units in a month get a benefit of about Rs 900.

These people will not get the benefit of the scheme
Many important things have to be taken care of to take advantage of this scheme. For this, no bill of electricity consumers should be pending. Consumers can take advantage of the Half Electricity Bill scheme only if they have paid their old electricity bills. The benefit of this exemption is not available to those consumers who do not deposit the electricity bill for more than two months.

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