30 kg goldfish, you will be surprised to see, record can be made of world’s largest goldfish

Record Goldfish: We all are very happy to see the golden fish ie Goldfish. In our mind, Goldfish is created as a small fish. But, you will be surprised to know that goldfish can be more than 30 kg. A British fisherman caught a goldfish weighing over 30 kilos while fishing in France.

World’s heaviest goldfish may set record

According to the news of the New York Post, 42-year-old British fisherman Andy Hackett was fishing in the Bluewater Lakes of Champagne in France. During this, 30.5 kg goldfish came in his catch. He has named this big goldfish  The Carrot. This is the largest goldfish ever caught. This ‘The Carrot’ weighs 13.6 kg more than the goldfish that was caught by Jason Fugate in Minnesota, USA in 2019. It is being claimed about this fish that it is the world’s heaviest goldfish.

The goldfish weighing 30.5 kg caught by Andy Hackett is of a hybrid species. It is a hybrid species of Koi Carp and Leter Carp. Andy said after catching this fish that I always knew carats were here, but never thought I would catch him. It took Andy 25 minutes to catch the world’s largest goldfish. Andy said that I knew it was big, but when this fish got stuck in my bait, it started moving up and down. After that when we brought it out of the lake, we saw that it is orange in color, it is very exciting to catch it, but it is a matter of luck.

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The picture of the world’s largest goldfish has been shared on the Bluewater Lakes page on Facebook. In these pictures, British fisherman Andy is holding a goldfish and smiling. wrote in a facebook post " CARROT weighing in @67.4lbs!!
Well done Andy top dangling"The picture of the biggest goldfish ever is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Those who are seeing these pictures, they are not able to live without being surprised.  


Fishing enthusiast Andy Hackett is also a director in a company based in Worcestershire, UK. After posing for pictures with the goldfish, Andy Hackett safely released the fish into the lake and celebrated with a cup of tea afterwards. 

Blue Water Lakes spokesperson Jason Cowler has informed that the goldfish weighing 30.5 kg was released into the lake 15 years ago and is a 20-year-old species. According to them, it is a bit too big, due to which it is very difficult to hold it.

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