340 trains affected due to violent protests across the country, railways lost more than 40 crores

Anti Agnipath Protest Railway Loss: So far 340 trains have been affected by the students’ agitation going on for three days across the country against the Agnipath scheme of the Central Government. While thousands of passengers have to face huge problems. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has appealed to the protesting students to adopt the way of finding a solution to the problem through dialogue and not to damage the property of the country. The estimated loss of more than Rs 40 crores has been caused to the Railways due to the protest of Agneepath. 

ICF Coaches 
ICF coaches are installed in most of the normal trains running in the country. Common rail coaches made from the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai are called ICF coaches. Its construction started in 1955, but its production was stopped in 2018, so that only modern LHB coaches can be used in future. Or modern train sets like Vande Bharat could be used. As ICF coaches retire, they are being replaced by LHB coaches. 

Now only LHB coach in the country 
The coach made on the design of Germany’s Link Hoffmann Busch company is called LHB coach. These coaches are manufactured in India at the Rail Coach Factory (RCF, Kapurthala) of Kapurthala. They are being made to run on broad gauge rail tracks of the country since the year 2000. Here 250 coaches are made in a year. This modern coach can be run at a speed of 160 to 200 kmph. Its basic steel frame is very sturdy and the passengers do not feel the shock in it. Its exterior is made of stainless steel and the inner part is made of aluminum, due to which it is relatively light in weight. 

Rail coach costs so much to make 
A non-AC ICF coach costs Rs.90 lakhs, while an AC ICF coach costs Rs.1.5 crores. Expenses come. While the cost of making a non AC LHB coach is Rs 2.25 crore. On the other hand, it takes 3 crores to make an AC LHB coach. 

It costs so much to make a rail engine
The cost of making an engine up to 5 thousand horsepower comes to Rs 15 crores, while the cost of making an engine up to 12 thousand horsepower is Rs. The expenditure comes to Rs 65 crores. A normal train has 24 coaches. That is, the average cost of a complete train including the engine is at least Rs.51 crores. 

Damage to railways due to Agneepath Protest
In the ongoing protests across the country, a total of more than 12 coaches have been burnt, including 7 LHB coaches and 5 general ICF coaches.&nbsp ;

total 340 trains affected by the movement 
total 340 trains have been affected due to the agitation.  In these 94 mail express trains and 140 passenger trains have been cancelled. Apart from this, 65 Mail Express trains and 30 passenger trains have been partially cancelled. Also 11 Mail Express trains have been diverted. 

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So far 116 trains are running late in the violent protests going on across the country. 35 trains have been cancelled. South Central Railway has canceled 65 local trains at its level. Apart from this, 13 trains have been short terminated. The passengers who are stranded in long distance trains have been provided with food and water. Along with this, control rooms have also been opened.

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