$40 million received to build the dam and $63 million spent on its advertising

Pakistan Diemer-Bhasha Dam Scam: A proposed dam in Pakistan has recently experienced the worst floods in its history. Due to this many parts of the country have been submerged. However, many climate experts have blamed climate change for the floods. For this, fingers have also been pointed at the country’s heavy dams.

what’s the whole matter

According to a report, the Diamer-Bhasha dam being built on the Indus river has been embroiled in a scam. The dam was being built on the Indus River in Gilgit-Baltistan. A report by the Parliamentary Affairs Committee (PAC) of Pakistan has revealed that the government has spent about 40 million dollars for the construction of the dam. (3 billion 180 million) were raised, but about $ 63 million (5 billion 20 million) was spent on its advertising. Because of which it is nowhere near completion.

History of the Diemer-Language Dam

Which people contributed?

In 2018, Imran Khan, who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan at that time. He assumed the joint leadership of the fund. Imran Khan, who was then the Prime Minister of Pakistan, assumed the joint leadership of the Fund.

What former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar said

When Nisar retired in 2019, there was a shortfall of approximately $6.3 billion (500 million). But his latest statement shook the people of the country. The now retired Chief Justice said the fund was not actually for building a dam, but for raising awareness.

Pakistan’s influential  what people said

The PAC had summoned the former Chief Justice last month to give an explanation regarding the dam fund set up in his stipulated time. In fact, when the Diemer-Bhasha Dam was built, its height would have been 272 meters and its power generation capacity was expected to be 4,500 MW.

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