40 more cases of corona infection were found in Madhya Pradesh, highest number of cases were found in this district

MP Corona Update: In Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), the fear of fourth wave of corona is also increasing continuously amid the scorching heat. In Madhya Pradesh, 40 new cases of corona infection have been reported in the last 24 hours. Maximum 8 cases have been registered in Morena. During this 29 people were also declared corona free. During this time there is no news of any death due to corona infection. At present, the number of active cases of corona in the entire state has increased to 230.  

Most active patients in Bhopal
According to the officials of the state health department, concerns have also increased due to the increase in the number of corona positive patients in Madhya Pradesh. The most active patients in MP are in the capital Bhopal. Whereas in Gwalior, Guna, Jabalpur, Morena, Indore also the number of active patients is more than 20. 

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40 new positive cases registered in 24 hours 
According to health department officials, 40 new positive cases have been registered in last 24 hours. These include 6 in Bhopal, 1 in Chhatarpur, 3 in Datia, 3 in Guna, 2 in Hoshangabad, 2 in Indore, 1 in Jabalpur, 8 in Morena, 1 in Niwari, 2 in Raisen, 1 in Rajgarh, 1 in Sagar and Shivpuri. 1 new case has been registered in In the last 24 hours, 29 corona patients have recovered and discharged, while 40 new patients have appeared.  

number of sampling also increased
sampling number has also been increased due to frequent corona patients in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier sampling was being done between 5 to 6 thousand, which has now been increased to 8 thousand. Out of 8000 samples, 20 were rejected while the negative report of 7960 has come. The percentage of positive cases received in the total report is 0.5 due to 40 patients coming positive. 

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