80 pumps closed in Churu district, waiting for 5-6 hours to get petrol and diesel filled in the car

Rajasthan News: After the removal of excise duty on petrol and diesel by the central government, oil companies have reduced the supply. 80 out of 140 petrol pumps in Churu district of Rajasthan have been closed. Reliance, SR and other 29 petrol pumps in the district are closed for 15 days. Other petrol pumps of SR are able to supply diesel petrol only once a week. Due to late delivery of petroleum products from HPCL and BPCL companies, the condition of more than 20 such pumps is also bad. For the last five days, these pumps have to be kept closed for 5 to 6 hours daily. Out of 140 pumps in the district, 80 pumps have been locked. In this situation, the pump owner is also at risk of breakdown of his regular customers due to the closure of the pump on the four lane. On the other hand, the representative of any company is not even ready to talk on this issue.

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