A seven-day exhibition was organized at Lalit Kala Academy, showing amazing colors of patriotism

Delhi News: A 7-day exhibition is being organized from 14-20 November under the 7th Dimension at Ravindra Bhawan of Lalit Kala Academy, Mandi House, in which Several exhibitions have been put up including wonderful artworks drawn by various artists. Various paintings have been shown in this exhibition keeping in mind the religious place, nationality, human imagination, social profile.

Patriotic colors in the exhibition

A wonderful exhibition on the second floor of Ravindra Bhawan, in which many topics including nationalism, patriotism, martyrdom of Indian soldiers have been mentioned. Artist Swati Goyal told during a conversation with ABP News that the main basis of the exhibitions held here is to tell the different importance of colors and to clarify their impact in the society. Swati said that these colors also have many meanings in themselves which describe many challenging situations. The prepared pictures of the martyred soldiers and the picture of Captain Vikram Batra are impressing the people who came there, seeing which even the school children who came there were thrilled. Major paintings related to national thought are also being displayed in front of people through which people can be helped to understand the heritage of the country.

Outline of various religious places in the exhibition
On the first floor, idols of various religious places of India have also been placed, which is quite attractive in itself. Seeing these idols, people are getting very impressed. In this, the main religious places of the country such as Varanasi Ghat, Haridwar Ghat and idols of deities of Sanatan culture have been kept.

The painting on the first floor depicts the human imagination
 Artist Navpreet Kaur telling people about the current human imagination about her exhibition on the first floor, specially from ABP News Had a conversation. He said that what a man thinks in the present situation, the same thing has been depicted in this painting, an attempt has been made to keep his thoughts along with his gestures in this painting. Navpreet Kaur, who has been working in the painting field for the last 30 years, said that a theme has been prepared on the basis of Dream Series i.e. the world of dreams. Describing about this exhibition, Navpreet Kaur also said that what we think, think and the way we do our work in the society, the same has been mentioned in this painting. An attempt has been made to keep the same expression on the faces of all the characters depicted in the painting.

The exhibition will be held for seven days
People are very excited about the seven-day exhibition. People are also flocking to see these demonstrations. Taking detailed information about him from the artists present in the exhibition room. The main objective of this seven-day exhibition is to connect directly with the people. It will be concluded on coming November 20.

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