A spider is seen hovering over the coffin during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: A spider was seen crawling in a coffin during the funeral of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. On social media, users saw the uninvited guest on a hand-written card placed in some beautiful flowers on top of the coffin of the Queen. The note appears to have been written by King Charles III. As the Queen’s coffin was taken to Westminster Abbey, those close to her followed her in procession. 

The most famous spider in the world right now. #queensfuneral #QueenElizabethIIMemorial pic.twitter.com/G2sG9VDLjL

— Laura (@deplaurablenull) September 19, 2022

Presidents and royals from around the world attend

It is worth mentioning that Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September. On Monday, some of the world’s most powerful people gathered in London to bid farewell to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. President Draupadi Murmu (President Draupadi Murmu) on Saturday paid her respects to Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of India and also met King Charles III.

people paid tribute to their queen

One of the local people quoted the news agency Reuters as saying, "The queen had the specialty that she brought all the people together, so an appropriate way to end her reign is to have everyone come together to see her funeral. Some kept their heads bowed, others wiped their tears as they said goodbye to their British monarch.

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