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Naina, who born in middle class family. She is very intelligent, kind hearted, silent and feels very lonely. She is  very close to her friend, her name is Kaira. Searching reason for her birth due to flashes of her dream. Hobbies are painting and singing. Age is 19yrs.

Naina’s Mother: Swathi

Swathi, who works in small mart. She is hard working, supports and encourage everyone. She is morden. Age is 38.

Naina’s father: Ajay

Ajay, who works as government officer. He loves his daughter ver much but keeps so many rules. Age is 42yrs

Naina’s friend:Kaira

Kaira, who born in wealthy family. She is very brave, intelligent, beauty with brain and support her friend alot. Hobbies are dancing and bike riding. Age is 19yrs


Shiv, who is born in other dimension, but a orphan and studied in a orphanage. He is very handsome, helpful person, cheerful and friendly with others. He is CEO of a company and waiting for his love. Age is 23yrs

Shiv friend: Krish

Krish, who born in other dimension and orphan. Studies in same orphanage, where Shiv studied and childhood friend of Shiv. Later adopted by a wealthy family. He is very joyful, cheerful and naughty person. Age is 23yrs.

Written by : Mridula Sharma.

Thanks Vinny, Sivani, Vaishnavi and Sneha my dear friends for helping and supporting me for everything.

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