Aaj Ka Panchang 6 July 2022: The yoga is made for the worship of Ganesh ji, this is today’s date, constellation and Rahukal

Aaj Ka Panchang 6 July 2022 : 6 July 2022 Wednesday is an important day. Today is Shukla Paksha Saptami Tithi of Ashadh month. Moon’s transit is happening in Virgo today, let’s know today’s Panchang –

Today’s date (Aaj Ki Tithi) : 6th July 2022 is the date of Saptami of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month. Today is a special day. Wednesday is dedicated to Ganesha. There is a coincidence of worship of Ganesh ji on this day. Ganesh ji is also called Vighnaharta.

Today’s Nakshatra (Aaj Ka Nakshatra) : According to the Panchang on 6th July 2022, Uttara is Phalguni Nakshatra. The lord of this constellation is the Sun planet.  Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is the 12th Nakshatra of the sky circle. In astrology, the planet Sun is considered an important planet. Sun is said to be the ruler of all the planets. Sun is also related to father.

Today’s Rahukaal (Aaj Ka Rahu Kaal)
According to the Panchang, Rahukaal will remain from 12.25 pm to 2.09 pm on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. Doing auspicious work in Rahukaal is considered taboo.

6th July 2022 Panchang (Aaj Ka Panchang 6th July 2022)

  • Vikrami Samvat: 2079
  • Mass Purnimant: Ashadha
  • Paksha: Shukla
  • Day: Wednesday
  • season: summer< /li>
  • Tithi: Saptami – till 19:50:12
  • Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni – till 11:44:52
  • Karan: Gar – 07:44:59 Till, Vanij – till 19:50:12
  • Yoga: Varian – till 11:42:20
  • Sunrise: 05:28:30 AM
  • Sunset : 19:22:46 PM
  • Moon: Virgo sign
  • Rahukaal: 12:25:38 to 14:09:55 (no auspicious work is done during this period) )
  • Shubh Muhurta Timings, Abhijeet Muhurta: None
  • Direction: Answer

Inauspicious time of Muhurta

  • Dusht Muhurta: 11:57:50 to 12:53:27
  • Kulik: 11:57:50 to 12:53:27
  • Kantak: 17:31:32 to 18:27:09
  • Kalvela / Ardhyam: from 06:24:08 to 07:19:45
  • Yoday: 08:15:22 to 09:10:59
  • Yamgand: 07:12:47 to 08:57:04
  • Gulik period: 10:41:21 to 12:25:38

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