Abortion: What are the three categories of abortions in India called? Know the procedure for getting an abortion

Abortion Procedure: The Supreme Court has said that all women in India have the right to have a safe and legal abortion. In fact, a few months ago, when the US Supreme Court basically abolished the constitutional right to abortion in its country, around the same time an abortion case in India caught everyone’s attention.

Abortion Laws in India

Amendments to the MTP ACT (1971)

As per the MTP ACT (1971), abortion is legal in India. However it has been modified later. The woman has got the right of abortion by following the MTP ACT. In India, abortion was allowed up to 20 weeks in the first few cases, but after the amendment of this law in 2021, this time limit was increased to 24 weeks. Apart from this, in some special cases, permission for abortion can be taken even after 24 weeks. Abortion in India is divided into three categories.

1. From 0 to 20 weeks of pregnancy

If the woman is not mentally ready to become a mother or if the contraceptive method or device has failed and the woman has become pregnant even if she does not want to, then she can get the abortion done. For this only written permission of a registered doctor is required.

2. From 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy

3. 24 weeks after pregnancy

If the woman has been a victim of sexual harassment or rape, then in such a case abortion can be done even after 24 weeks. Abortion can be done even if pregnant, minor, disabled, mentally ill. Abortion can be done even if the woman’s marital status changes during pregnancy (she gets divorced or becomes a widow).

What is an abortion procedure?

According to Dr. Neha Bothra, Obstetrics and Gynecologist at Fortis Hospital (Vashi, Mumbai), abortion sometimes happens naturally, which is called spontaneous abortion and when the pregnancy is terminated medically, it is called a medical abortion. are called. There are different methods of medical termination. Now in which way the abortion is to be done, it depends on many things, like how many months the pregnancy is, how is the physical condition of the woman, whether the woman has any medical condition like heart problem, high BP, anesthesia or not etc. .

Abortion is done through medicines in medical procedure. Apart from this, the second method is the surgical method, in which the uterus is emptied. Surgical method is used in advanced pregnancy. Abortion is done by giving delivery pen at 4 to 5 months (12 to 20 weeks) pregnancy.

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