ABP News Exclusive: In an interview with ABP News, Arvind Kejriwal revealed these seven big secrets

Arvind Kejriwal Exclusive Interview: Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party Convenor Arvind Kejriwal has spoken openly on many issues in an interview given to ABP News. He also talked about his political plans, his personal life including the politics of the country. Of. We are going to tell you the seven secrets that Arvind Kejriwal revealed during this interview.

I am a Hanuman devotee since childhood
Kejriwal said that he has been a devotee of Hanuman ji since childhood . When he was asked to sing Hanuman Chalisa, he said, “Hanuman Chalisa toh absolutely yaad, today I recite Hanuman ji’s aarti.”  Kejriwal sang a few lines of Hanuman Aarti, “Aarti ki Jai Hanuman Lalla, wicked Dalan Raghunath Kala, Girivar trembled with force, Do not look near to disease defects, Anjani Putra Maha Baladai, Lord of children always helped. .. ”

BJP did corruption in MCD
Kejriwal said about MCD elections, "People in MCD are desperate to vent their anger. BJP has left no stone unturned in committing corruption in 15 years."

We are not against corporate integration’
On the integration of the three corporations of Delhi, Kejriwal said, "We are not against corporate integration. Earlier there was only one corporation, then it has been divided into three pieces. But the ward number remained 272. We are saying do it one by one but keep only 272, they have made 250 wards instead of 272 wards, which has no meaning. By doing 250 wards, there will be delimitation, now it will take a year and a half. BJP did not want to integrate. They just had to postpone the election.

Vote is given on the basis of work
Kejriwal said, "Votes are given on the basis of work. Earlier people used to tell me that there is no vote in the name of school, hospital but we have won three elections and Punjab elections only on the issue of school, hospital, electricity, water."

Delhi Chief Minister said, "Why did we come to two states within ten years because every man wants what we talk about. In Delhi, we have shown by doing that people have understood that they do not only talk but also do work."

People angry with BJP in Gujarat’ 
Kejriwal said, "I went to Gujarat, there is a BJP government for 27 years, people say that in 27 years a lot of arrogance has come in them, now they have stopped listening to the public. Now the people want such a government which listens to them, works according to the people which is honest." They said, "Many people are angry with BJP but they don’t want to give to Congress at all and they vote for BJP after losing, we are going there now with hope among the people. I went there and said that I will build good schools, make good hospitals." 

this is the biggest issue
Kejriwal, "I think the most important issue is education and health. Take the example of any developed country where there is maximum emphasis on education. When the people of the country stand up, the country will move forward."

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