ABP News reached Luhansk, a new country separated from Ukraine, rebels captured the city

The ongoing war of occupation of cities
ABP News team arrived in Luhansk, a new country separated from Ukraine and saw what is going on there at the moment. In fact, urban-warfare is being considered very important between the war between Russia and Ukraine. It can be said that the battle for possession of important places of cities is going on. At present, a Hydil-Plant in Luhansk is occupied by Russian-backed militias. On the other hand, the Ukrainian army cut off the power from this plant and drowned the entire Luhansk in the dark. Before fleeing, the Ukrainian army had planted land-mines at various places.

90 percent of the area is occupied by the rebels
US weapons have also been claimed from Ukrainian army bases in Luhansk. The bunkers and fronts of the Ukrainian army have now been occupied by the Russian-backed Luhansk militia, ie rebels. The new President of Luhansk said in a special conversation with ABP News that 80-90 percent of the area has been occupied by us. We will die only by completely dispelling the fascist army of Ukraine.

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