According to Dell Technology India, after the arrival of 5G, the development of the country will accelerate!

5G Spectrum Auction: To provide high-speed internet service in the country, the figure has reached Rs 1.5 lakh crore in the 5G spectrum auction (5G Spectrum Auction). Dell Technology India Executive Manish Gupta said on 31 July 2022 that the company is soon going to witness rapid 5G growth in the villages and cities of India. 

Manish Gupta said, "After the arrival of 5G, the development of India will accelerate. 5G will see rapid development in the country with advanced technologies such as fast internet, industrial internet of things, edge computing, use of robotics technology in agriculture, e-commerce, health services, education and pharma. 5G will also help in enhancing Artificial Intelligence (AI), reduce manufacturing cost and enhance quality in the industry.".

Auction figure of 5G spectrum crosses 1.5 lakh crore

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