Action on Russian player for giving Nazi salute, sacked from team

Russian go-carter Artem Severyukhin is sacked by his team. Artem performed a Nazi salute on the podium after winning the CIK-FIA European Karting Championship in Portugal on Sunday.   Because of which these actions have been taken against them. The FIA ​​has started an investigation into the matter. According to the news, a ban can also be imposed on this young racer.  

Italy’s side was taking part 

Russian racer on behalf of his country due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia Can’t play. Russia’s national anthem is also not being played at the awards ceremony after the race. Because of which he took part in this race under the Italian flag. 

After being broken on the podium after the race, he patted the chest and put his right hand forward. Hitler and Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini also made similar gestures. However, the young racer has completely denied that he has given a Nazi salute. He says he was having fun and hinting at family and friends. 

Artem Severyukhin issued statement

This controversy Artem Severiukhin has issued his statement regarding this. He said, I was happy to win the round of the European Championship. I am from Russia and I had greeted my team and relatives. Somebody has taken it the wrong way. I have thanked them. I stand with my country Russia. 

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