Active cases in Gujarat are the highest in the last 104 days, the number exceeds 1100, know the condition of Ahmedabad

Gujarat Coronavirus Update: After 104 days in Gujarat, the active case of corona has crossed the number of 1000. On Thursday, the number of active cases has reached 1102. After more than two months, the number of patients on ventilator has now increased to three. About half the active cases in Gujarat are from Ahmedabad. Kovid cases in Ahmedabad have crossed the 100 mark with 114 new cases on Thursday. These figures are the highest in 113 days. In Gujarat also 228 cases of corona infection have been reported. These figures are also more in the last 110 days. Active cases in Ahmedabad have reached 604 after discharging 62 patients. Active cases in Gujarat have been registered after 104 days.

How many cases came from where?

26 new cases were reported in Vadodara city, 20 in Surat city, 12 in Rajkot city, seven in Jamnagar city, six in Surat city, five in Navsari and four each in Gandhinagar city and Bharuch, Gandhinagar and Vadodara districts. Two new cases were also registered in Ahmedabad district. With the update, the number of districts with zero active cases has come down to nine. City General Physician Dr Pragnesh Vachharjani said that due to change in weather, many patients initially report symptoms like mild fever, fatigue and stuffy nose. We advise them to undergo a Kovid test to eliminate the possibility of infection. But in most cases the symptoms are quite mild.”

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Vaccination statistics in Gujarat?

In the last 24 hours, 85,738 people have been vaccinated in Gujarat. These include a booster dose to 42,003 people and another dose to 13,515 people in the 12-14 age group. So far 11.07 crore vaccine doses have been given in the state.

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