Adipurush came under fire after watching the teaser of Hanuman, Prabhas’ film is being trolled on the internet

HanuMan Vs Adipurush: There is probably no need to tell how much is the craze of South films among the audience of Hindi belt. Alam has happened that through South films, now the audience has also started seeing the flaws of Bollywood films. Recently something similar has been seen when the teaser of the South Indian film ‘Hanuman’ was released. Seeing this, people have targeted Prabhas’ upcoming film ‘Adipurush’.

People praised the teaser of ‘Hanuman’
The teaser of South actor Prashanth Varma’s upcoming film ‘Hanuman’ has been released, which is creating a lot of excitement among the audience. Lovin it. From BGM to VFX of ‘Hanuman’, people are also praising it fiercely. Teja Sajja is seen playing the lead role in this film. Beautiful visuals with strong action in the teaser are blowing the senses of the fans. The film is based on the mighty Veer Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Shri Ram.

‘Hanuman’ vs ‘Adipurush’ sparked on the internet
Recall that the teaser of Prabhas’ film ‘Adipurush’ was released in October, but it did not live up to the expectations of the people. Pie. On the other hand, now that the teaser of Hanuman has been released, people compared the teasers of both the films in terms of VFX. Social media users say that VFX of Hanuman is thousand times better than Prabhas’ Adipurush. 

A user wrote, ‘Hanuman teaser turned out to be 200% better than Adipurush. After watching Hanuman teaser I can say that Bollywood is a fraud and black market. Adipurush is not a 500 crore film’.

HanuMan teaser out 200% better than Adipurush
after watching HanuMan Teaser 🇮🇳🕉️
i can say Bollywood is a fraud and Black market
Adipurush is not a 500 crores movie
< br />Retweet filmfare

— Gautam Gada (@GautamGada) November 21, 2022

Hanuman teaser is 100000 batter than Adipurush 🚩jay shree ram Adipurush
Thanks for this blockbuster teaser @PrasanthVarma sir and @tejasajja123 sir🙏

— rajkanade🇮🇳 (@RajKanade09) November 21, 2022

The next user wrote, ‘What a beautiful teaser of Hanuman. This is a magical work done by Prashant Verma in small budget and less resources. VFX and CGI is much better than  Adipurush. Super hero film related to Lord Hanuman. The teaser looks amazing’.

what a beautiful teaser of . In the small budget and limited resources magical work done by @PrasanthVarma. The VFX and CGI is so much better than .The super hero movie related with load Hanuman ❤️✨.The teaser look fantastic. . @tejasajja123

— Kalp Senva (@SenvaKalp) November 21, 2022

For information, let us tell you that more than 17 million people have seen the Hindi teaser of the film ‘Hanuman’ so far.

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