African cheetahs will now be seen in Kuno National Park, know what arrangements have been made for security

MP Special Arrangements For Cheetahs: Cheetahs have returned to India after nearly 70 years. These cheetahs have been brought from Namibia through special aircraft. PM Modi arrived today to release cheetahs at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh on his birthday. These cheetahs kept in the endangered category will now be seen in Sheopur Kuno National Park. Special enclosures have been prepared for these cheetahs in Kuno National Park. 

Kuno National Park is a national park located in Madhya Pradesh (MP). It was constructed in the year 1981. This national park is spread over 750 square kilometers. 

Special arrangements for cheetahs

This plain of natural grass with trees and dense forest is considered to be quite favorable for cheetahs. Special arrangements have been made to keep the cheetahs completely safe. For this an organization named Cheetah Mitra has been formed. The government has made 250 people from nearby villages as pyre friends. One of the people whose cheetah has been made a friend is Ramesh Singh Sikarwar. Ramesh, who was a dacoit earlier, but will now protect the cheetahs.

Training the Alsacean Female Dog

Forest Department’s team will patrol

People of Cheetah Mitra Sangathan are roaming from village to village informing people about cheetahs. Telling people what to do if the cheetah comes out of the park. Apart from cheetah friends, the Forest Department team will continuously patrol for security. About 24 villages have been displaced to prepare the Kuno National Park. Displaced people have been resettled.

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