Aftab killed Shraddha in an argument, later made a plan to dispose of the dead body

Delhi Shraddha Murder Case: Delhi’s famous Shraddha murder case has created a sensation in the whole country. Everyday new revelations are happening in this matter. According to the police, Aftab killed Shraddha in a fit of rage after an argument, but then made a plan to dispose of the body. Aftab Amin Poonawalla reportedly told the police that it was risky to remove Shraddha Walker’s body from the first floor flat, so he decided to cut the body into pieces and throw them at different places.

Police officials said that Aftab committed the murder after an argument between the two three days after they had taken a rented flat in south Delhi’s Chhatarpur Pahari area in the month of May last. According to the police, the argument between the two turned into a fight. Quoting Poonawalla’s disclosure, the police said that he allegedly in a fit of rage threw the victim on the bed, sat on her chest and strangled her to death without any premeditation. The accused suspected that Shraddha was having an affair with another person. 

Planned after Shraddha’s murder

Police said that whatever the accused did after the murder like cutting the body, disposing of the pieces after midnight and keeping Shraddha’s social media account active, all this was planned. Quoting Poonawala’s revelations, an investigator said that we have reasons to believe that Poonawala killed Walker in a fit of rage. He claimed that he was nervous after the murder. He then spent the whole night planning how to dispose of the body. He remembers everything he saw on the TV show, including Dexter, and decides to use them. 

Materials purchased from the market for cutting the dead body

An official, requesting anonymity, said that Aftab went to a nearby market around 10 am on May 19, a day after the murder, to cut Shraddha’s body into pieces and bought it from a kitchen utensil shop for Rs 150. Buy a hacksaw and three metal cutting blades. The official said that he also bought black plastic garbage bags and paid in cash. Then he found out how the body parts are preserved. Aftab bought a refrigerator for Rs 19,000 from the shop and made the payment online. The fridge was delivered to his flat within an hour. He made sure that the laborers carrying the fridge home did not enter the flat. 

The water tap was kept on so that the sound does not go out

The officer said that he had turned on the water for two reasons. One to make the blood flow in the drain and second also to make sure that when he cuts the body, the sound does not go to the neighbors. Poonawala told the police that it was difficult to cut the body with a hacksaw, so it took two days. During those two days, he did not go out and ordered his food online. After dismembering the body, Poonawalla allegedly washed all the organs with water and packed them in black garbage bags, which he kept in the refrigerator.

started throwing pieces in the wooded area

On May 21 at around 2 am, he put a bag with some of the severed body parts in his bag and left the flat. He went for about a kilometer and dumped the body parts in a wooded area near the cremation ground of Chhatarpur hill. He did not throw the garbage bag with the dead body. Police said he instead threw the bag in a dustbin on his way back to his flat. 

He kept throwing up body parts for three months

The officer said that Poonawalla told us that he disposed of the body parts for three months. The head was also included in the last body parts he threw. The accused had thrown the victim’s clothes in a dustbin in Chhatarpur. He did the same with his blood-stained clothes as well as the hacksaw, which he allegedly dumped in a wooded area near a paddy mill, about a kilometer from his home. 

Shraddha’s phone was thrown into the river

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