After 3 years, 165 flat-shop buyers of Greater Noida will get ownership, the administration approved

Greater Noida Flates News: 165 flats and shop buyers of Greater Noida have now breathed a sigh of relief after three years. After such a long wait, now he is going to get the ownership of his flat and shop. These people will now be able to get real ownership of their property after about three years of getting the lease deed. The administration has now given permission to regularize these properties. Once regularised, flat buyers will be able to get bank loans by mortgaging their property.

Why the delay of three years?

In the builder projects allotted by the Greater Noida Authority, a tripartite sublease deed is made between the builder, buyer and the authority and three copies of the same are sent to the authority. After the signing of the manager builder, two copies are made available to the builder and the buyer and one copy is kept in the authority. It is required at the time of granting permission to mortgage to the buyer. In both these cases the office copy was not found available with the authority and when the buyers applied for mortgage permission, the manager at that time refused to sign the sublease deed. Due to which an FIR was lodged against the builder companies considering these registries as flawed. Meanwhile, there has been continuous effort from the buyers side to regularize these registries.

action instructions given

Forensic examination of the then manager’s signature on the sublease deed will be done soon. If found guilty, legal action will also be taken against him. Also, in the board meeting of Greater Noida Authority, the board has given instructions to conduct forensic audit of the signature of the then manager and take legal action if found guilty.

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