After Swami Prasad Maurya, this leader demanded a ban on Ramcharitmanas, BJP’s MLA

Banda News: The round of controversial statements on the religious book Shri Ramcharitmanas is not taking its name to stop. First of all, the Education Minister of Bihar gave a controversial statement on some of its cattle. His protest was going on that in the meanwhile, senior SP leader in UP Swami Prasad Maurya also gave a controversial statement. Now going ahead of these two leaders, another leader of SP, former MLA Brajesh Prajapati, has again given a controversial statement on some of its cattle and demanded to change or ban it. Due to this this dispute is getting deeper. 

Demand the government to remove the disputed cattle
Till now the leaders have been giving controversial statements only on its cattle. But, former MLA Brajesh Prajapati has called some lines of Shriramcharitmanas disputed. While supporting SP leader Swami Prasad, he said that there are some objectionable lines in Shriramcharitmanas, the government should remove them or Shriramcharitmanas itself should be banned.

Allegations of hurting the society
Former MLA Brajesh Prajapati did not stop at this. He said that some stanzas of Shri Ramcharitmanas hurt women including tribals, dalits and backward communities. Brajesh Prajapati also posted on social media highlighting a couplet of Shriramcharitmanas and wrote in it "We are also opposed to this".

Brajesh Prajapati was MLA from Tindwari
It should be known that Brajesh Prajapati has been MLA from BJP from Tindwari assembly of Banda district. After leaving BJP, he had joined SP along with Swami Prasad Maurya. He lost the election in the year 2022 from Tindwari assembly of Banda. Be informed that SP leader Swami Prasad Maurya had recently given a controversial statement regarding Shriramcharitmanas. He had said that many crores of people of the world do not read Shri Ramcharitmanas, it is all nonsense. He also gave many other controversial statements.

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