After Taiwan, now China’s eyes on Pakistan’s Balochistan, preparations for occupation under the guise of missile bunker?

Chinese Army in Balochistan: China has always proved to be a threat to its neighboring countries. Whether it is Tibet or Taiwan… China wants its occupation everywhere. But now China’s eyes are also on other countries, including Pakistan. China is trying to dominate Pakistan. It is being told that China is now eyeing Balochistan too. 

Secret Missile Bunker being built 
Actually China’s PLA Army is making Secret Missile Bunker for Pakistan in Balochistan. Preparations are underway to build a missile shelter by making a cave in the mountains. This construction is being done near Nawabshah of Sindh and Khuzdar of Balochistan. According to intelligence reports, the most important part of China’s ambitious project Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is the CPAC i.e. China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which started with great enthusiasm … but now its pace has slowed down. There is also news that Pakistan is now preparing to dissolve the CPAC authority itself. 

arranging to keep weapons safe
Pakistan is engaged in increasing the stockpile of missiles and these include nuclear missiles. In such a situation, it is also very important to keep them hidden from the eyes of the world. Due to the mutiny of Baloch rebels in Gwadar, China is not able to complete its project on time, so along with this project, it is now engaged in increasing the strategic strength, in which apart from weapons, complete arrangements can be made to keep them safe. .

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