After the death of a five-year-old girl in Delhi’s AIIMS Hospital, parents donated their daughter’s organs

 Delhi: Losing your child is a never-ending wound for any parent. In the capital Delhi too, a poor parent had lost their five-year-old seven-month-old girl child due to brain injury. The grief-stricken parents took such a decision which is being appreciated by everyone. In fact, he decided to donate the organs of his beloved so that he could hear the heartbeat of his innocent child inside another child. Parents donated the organs of their little angel at Delhi’s AIIMS Hospital on Friday.

It was the first time that a young child’s organ was agreed to be donated – doctor

Doctor Gupta told that, “The girl named Roli had allegedly suffered a gunshot wound while playing at her house in Noida on Wednesday. The bullet has also been confirmed in the CT scan. He said that, “When he was taken to AIIMS, his condition was very serious. We tried to save him but he was finally declared brain dead on Friday. After that, our consultants requested him for organ donation and consent was taken. ”

innocent kidney and liver saved the lives of two children

Brain death occurs from a devastating brain injury, usually due to reduced blood flow to the brain (cardiac arrest) following a head trauma, bleeding in the brain, stroke, or heart failure.

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