After trying these tricks and tips, you will get very fast results on Google

Google Search Tips and Tricks : It is often seen that people on Google are not able to get better results even after deep search, because searching the right stuff on the web is for everyone. would not have been possible. Not everyone is aware of what kind of words or keywords to use. In such a situation, today in this news we are going to tell you some such tips, tricks and features, with the help of which you can search better and faster. 

  • Results even after searching deep If not, refine the search.
  • Suppose you want to find a person’s name, but don’t want to see a similar city or company in the search results, put a hyphen before the name Google will show you only similar results by name
  • If you want to find other websites similar to any website, then for this "related" You can use the operator.
  • You can get a list of sites from, which Google has given as many stars as your favorite site. 
  • If you need more references to an image, download it to your computer first, then drag it to the search bar on Google Images. With this, search results related to that image will get more images of the same type. Additionally, paste the URL of the relevant image by clicking on the camera icon in the search bar or upload it directly to your computer
  • If you want to find PDF files with a specific name, you will find "filetype" Operator should be added. 
  • If you have to search for the same term repeatedly on Google, then it is better that you use Google Alerts Services for this. Keep in mind that whenever you enter your search term in it, you will get information about it through notification whenever new content related to it.

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