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Abhimanyu questions the Pandit jee why is he talking to that person because of whom his daughter died, he bars her from touching the thali when Uma Bhabhi exclaims, he is the same person who brought Nidtiya last night, she blames they might have an extra martial affair. Abhimanyu questions why is she acting as if she cares for his daughter when she married someone else right after their divorce, Uma Bhabhi exclaims that such women do not need a relation to give birth when they vow to teach her a lesson otherwise, she will ruin the society.

Niyati requests Abhimanyu to not talk like this today because today her daughter died, he questions since when did they become one because of her actions he lost his daughter, she did the right thing by divorcing him because the last string has ended so now the only thing left in their relation is hatred which he is going to fulfil, Abhimanyu leaves in anger with the thali while she is crying, Niyati starts praying in front of Mata rani.

Angad is about to turn back when he is shocked to see the beggar walking towards the house, so exclaims he is not going to leave her today, he questions why did she come here when they both were waiting for him at the signal and since he did not answer the call so they came to the house, the women explains that she is going to her village so she will be the one to take care of the child, Angad is about to hit her questioning why did she tell her when it was about to be a secret, she assures she is a trustworthy person, they demand the money from him so he throws a bundle at them, they start counting it. Mr Panday standing in the window thinks who are these people whom Angad is paying.

Nidtiya is having the pasta with Kavya, she exclaims it is really delicious when Kavya mentions tomorrow there are going to be a lot other dishes since she will have her birthday party, and Nidtiya must come so she needs to take the permission from her mother, Nidtiya assures she will come as she had a lot of fun in her house especially with her uncle, Kavya exclaims he is just her uncle when Nidtiya explains she knows it as he is just her friend, Kavya mentions he assured that he will also play with them in the birthday party.

Uma Bhabhi questions Sulochana about the truth regarding the marriage of Niyati, they are really angry when Niyati comes questioning what happened and Uma Bhabhi asks the truth because she sent her to that person who is actually her first husband, he even told them that she married someone else but they did not see her second husband, Niyati replies she told them that do not live together when Uma Bhabhi explains this is because they allowed her to stay here so she can serve her parents they question if she is actually a nurse or does she do something illegal, Nidtiya listens to the quarrel when she comes asking about what happened and the reason she is fighting, Nidtiya questions why is Uma auntie fighting with her mother otherwise she is going to put frogs in her water tank and even release mouse in her house, Uma exclaims she should first ask her mother who is her father, Niyati requests her to not talk in front of her daughter, Nidtiya replies she told her that her father doesnot live with them when Uma questions that even her mother might not know who is her father, Niyati in anger slaps her questioning why do they consider themselves to be the citizens of society when they just came after not knowing the entire truth, they however question why is she living here as they will not allow such people to live here, Niyati in anger picks a rod threatening to hit them if they don’t leave, they all run away while Nidtiya also rushes into the house.

Niyati runs after her when Nidtiya questions if she is wrong and were they telling the truth, Niyati explains that she is on the right side of law and they all are mistaken so she can even ask her grandmother, Sulochana reveals Uma Bhabhi talks like this without any reason, Nidtiya questions about the name of her father hearing which both Niyati and Sulochana are shocked so Sulochana exclaims Nidtiya is her strong Grand daughter so she must not listen to the words of Uma Bhabhi, Nidtiya replies even then she is telling the truth as she doesnot know the name of her father, Niyati questions what is the need to know about the one who doesnot live with them but Nidtiya replies she desires to know the name as she has a friend whose father also doesnot live with them but he comes to meet her, Niyati requests Nidtiya to listen to her however Nidtiya is insisting that she needs to know the name, as he would scold everyone. Niyati tries to calm her down but she keeps insisting so Niyati scolds her, Nidtiya leaves the room when Sulochana tries to stop her.

Niyati sits down beside the bed when Sulochana questions why did she scold her as she was not wrong to ask this question, Niyati replies if she should tell the truth that she is not her mother and found her on the steps of the Mandir, Niyati crying exclaims she cannot do it anymore.

Sulochana leaves saying she will come after looking at Nidtiya however she is not able to find her in the house, Sulochana gets really worried when she is not able to find her.

Nidtiya riding the bicycle reaches the Panday Mansion when she hugs Abhimanyu from behind who questions if everything is alright, Nidtiya replies that nothing is fine as a lot of other neighbors starts humiliating her mother and she came here, Abhimanyu explains there is no need to worry about because those people have very low mentality so she must not worry about them, he questions who did she come here all by herself when Nidtiya explains she was really angry so came here, he explains it is wrong to be come here by herself. Nidtiya in anger turns to leave when he stops her saying he is glad she came to meet him, he stops her asking her to have the water when she explains they both would be sad because he also lost his daughter, he gets sad when she wipes off his tears and he kisses her hand. Abhimanyu mentions he is going to call her mother informing that she is with him.

Sulochana comes inside the house explaining she was not able to find Nidtiya anywhere, Niyati receives a call from Abhimanyu, Niyati is shocked to see his call when he explains that Nidtiya came to his house all on her own because she is upset however there is nothing to worry because he will drop her after some time, Niyati agrees assuring ending the call after thanking him, he question it is strange that the mother of a child speaks so much gave such a short answer.

Abhimanyu takes Nidtiya inside when is shocked since there is no one in the house, he asks Gagan where is everyone who reveals that Meera Bhabhi asked them to clean the store room because everyone went outside, Abhimanyu exclaim both of them are alone so what would she like to eat, she refuses saying she is not hungry when he explains that he is her friend so it is a rule that they would have to eat it together, he asks her to wait while he orders the pizza.

Sulochana wonders what is the reason that Nidtiya has grown so fond of Abhimanyu that even when there is no relation between them both, she still went straight to his house. She explains Niyati met him because of the relationship that existed between the families but what about Nidtiya as what is the going to happen this time.

Nidtiya is standing when the worker accidentally drops one of the boxes, Nidtiya is shocked to see the frame which has her mother and Abhimanyu together, she picks it up but is shocked.

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