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Nidtiya sees the worker bringing the box, he falls and the frame is right in front of her, she starts trembling seeing the photo of her mother with Abhimanyu, she hesitantly picks it up but is shocked and so calls them as her parent, she is standing beside the Mandir. Nidtiya starts shivering recalling how she hit him with a water balloon after which they both became friends, and how Uma aunti asked her to question about her father but her mother said what is the need to ask about the person who is not in their life, Abhimanyu comes asking what happened and advises her to stay right there otherwise she might get hurt, Nidtiya calls him as papa hearing which Abhimanyu is shocked, so questions what did she call him, she starts running to him with the photo frame in her hand and she once again calls him papa so he is not even able to move, Meera and Gajender Panday both do not understand what happened, Nidtiya exclaims he is her father. She is hugging Abhimanyu who doesnot move even a little bit, she has the frame in her hands. Abhimanyu kneeling asks what is she saying, Nidtiya exclaims she is his daughter and he is her father, he asks how is it possible when Abhimanyu reveals that his daughter died, Nidtiya shows him the frame mentioning she is her mother so he would be the father and he is the daughter of them both, Abhimanyu crying exclaims she is his daughter, Mr Panday exclaims Nidtiya is the daughter of Niyati, Abhimanyu starts hugging her when Nidtiya also hugs him.

Nidtiya suddenly wakes from her dream, she sees Abhimanyu standing in front of her and he questions how is his friend sleeping with her eyes open, so they should have the noodles otherwise they might get cold, Mr Panday walks inside with Meera and Kavya who questions what is she doing here as she went for shopping with her mother, Nidtiya is about to call Abhimanyu as her father but falls unconscious on the ground, Abhimanyu rushes to wake her when they all get worried and Mr Panday exclaims he will call the doctor.

The doctor is checking Nidtiya when Niyati sitting in the room wonders how can she tell Nidtiya that she doesnot know anything about her real parents, Abhimanyu calls Niyati in forming that Nidtiya got unconscious hearing which she gets worried, he assures that he has called the doctor and they all are with her however Niyati rushes without answering. Abhimanyu wonders what happened.

Mr Panday goes to Abhimanyu asking if he was able to reach her mother, he replies she did not answer him, the doctor comes out so they both ask if there is anything to worry about, she assures that Nidtiya just got unconscious because of dehydration but she would advise them to get the tests. Abhimanyu leaves to drop her off.

Meera asks Nidtiya if she is feeling fine, she explains she is going to bring warm milk for her and Kavya also leaves to bring her favorite teddy bear, informing when she is with him then gets better. Mr Panday sits beside Nidtiya informing she scared them all, she immediately hugs him calling him as Grandfather but he doesnot understand, she reveals that she saw her mother in the photo frame with her friend who is actually her father so then he is her grandfather, he gets shocked so asks the name of her mother, Nidtiya reveals she is the daughter of Niyati Mishra and explains how her mother never told her about her father. She in excitement leaves to tell her friend that she is his daughter, Mr Panday think in shock that she is the daughter of Niyati, he recalls how Ram came with the divorce papers and Abhimanyu questioned what about the divorce papers when she married someone else, he thinks Abhimanyu cannot be her father as this would be because Niyati did not tell her anything which is why she is thinking he is her father after seeing him in the photo.

Nidtiya is walking down the stairs when she is running outside as Abhimanyu is seeing off the doctor, meanwhile Niyati is also running towards the Panday Mansion, in order to stop Nidtiya.

Mr Panday stops Nidtiya explaining she should not tell Abhimanyu the truth, she questions why can she not tell him when he reveals that because Niyati and Abhimanyu both had a fight after which they do not even talk and now if she tell him the truth then he might not love her anymore, so he would come to her house and then will find out a way with her mother, she questions why did her parents separate when he thinks how can he tell her that it happened because of the death of their daughter, he prays that she should be the daughter of them both but he never thought Niyati would move ahead in her life so easily, Nidtiya insists he tell the truth but Abhimanyu asks what does she want to know, Nidtiya goes to Abhimanyu seeing which Mr Panday gets worried but she just hugs him, when he questions how did she get unconscious, she replies she doesnot know as she is not a doctor, he assure she can be one when she grows up.
Meera brings milk for her but she explains she doesnot like it however Abhimanyu says that he cannot be friends with anyone who doesnot drink milk, she requests him to not be angry with her because she will drink it, Abhimanyu starts showing love when Kavya brings the teddy but she is shocked to see how her uncle is showing her with love and so gets jealous.

Mr Panday sees Niyati standing outside the door, she recalls how she vowed to not come back into this house until she proves her innocence, Mr Panday signals her to leave which Abhimanyu notices and asks if there was someone outside but he says that there was no one there, Mr Panday suggests that she must go back to her house to which Abhimanyu agrees and decides to call her mother, Niyati gets worried answering the call but Abhimanyu mentions Nidtiya is fine so his father is going to drop her but Nidtiya replies she doesnot want to go because he also takes good care of her so she just wants to stay with him, Kavya comes in anger explaining that if they are sick then should stay with their parents. Mr Panday secretly tells Nidtiya that her mother is waiting for her outside so he is going to take her with him but they will not tell anything to Abhimanyu as them he might get into another fight with her. Abhimanyu asks Nidtiya why does her mother not talk with him, he feels she doesnot like him so he would have to do something about it.

Niyati is standing outside the Panday mansion when a car stops, Angad steps out of it and is really drunk, Niyati gets worried seeing him and he also wonders what is she doing here.

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