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Abhimanyu questions Manaroma what did she do, she stands in front of him mentioning she did what she needed to do six years ago when she found that Angad had kidnapped their daughter but she was so interested in her love for Angad that she did not care about her son what has done a lot for her and now he saw that today MataRani did wrong with her because she with these same hands killed her biological son. Abhimanyu assures that he will not let anything wrong happen to him so he requests the inspector to arrest him but Manaroma requests him to not make this mistake once again because only the real relations deserve his love which include Niyati and the daughter Nidtiya, she requests the inspector to give her two minutes.

Manaroma informs that she only came back to give Abhimanyu what truly belongs to him, she hands him the papers mentioning they really belong to him and she thought she would take Angad away from all of them after returning the property to Abhimanyu but it was not able to happen. Manaroma goes to Niyati mentioning she has wronged her the most so cannot even apologize from her even when she knows that Niyati will forgive her since she has a big heart but she feels she is not suitable. So she is just going to give her a blessing, Nidtiya seeing this also demands a blessing from her Grandmother who wishes that even her life should befall Nidtiya. Manaroma goes to stand in front of Mr Panday and tries to touch him but she pulls back her hands, explaining it is said those who have fate tend to get good husband and wife, but she instead of living a happy life with him cared about her revenge so he should forgive her, she even asks for forgiveness from the entire family. Manaroma goes to Abhimanyu who questions how would he be able to live with his mother, Manaroma replies he will live happily because now he has Nidtiya in his life, Abhimanyu rushes after Manaroma.
Ram asks Niyati to come because they are getting late but Mr Panday questions why is he asking to take Niyati away when everything has happened for the good, even Amma jee exclaims that they should not take away their daughter in law but the things have calmed down after a long while, Ram apologizes that he asked her to come without first inquiring about her decision so it is upto her, Niyati replies she did not say it in anger as she doesnot want to live with Abhimanyu anymore because they thought of love as fate but their relation got ruined so she stayed in this city to seek justice for her daughter but instead found her real daughter and so will leave with him for Mumbai, Nidtiya insists on staying because she doesnot want to leave however Niyati leaves with Nidtiya when they all try to stop her.

Sulochana explains that they should be grateful to fate because Niyati found her real daughter but now when she knows the entire truth then why does she want to leave with them for Mumbai, Ram replies that it is her life so she must decide but Abhimanyu has really wronged her so she is right to pu8nish him.

Abhimanyu comes back in the house asking about Niyati and Nidtiya, Mr Panday informs that she left with Ram for Mumbai even when they all tried to stop her a lot but she did not listen. Amma jee said that he gave the love to a single relation more than anyone else even when she was leaving he had gone after his mother so it is upto to him to patch these broken relations because he must bring back his wife and daughter.

Nidtiya in the room throws the suitcase explaining she will not go away from her father, Niyati replies she cannot trust her father anymore as if he once again breaks her heart then she would not be able to forgive him. Niyati mentions if she wants then can stay with her father and she will come to meet him but if she also decides to stay with her father then she is okay with it, Nidtiya replies that she will not stay without her mother, Niyati hears that someone is playing the whistle blower, she realizes it is Abhimanyu so walks out in the lounge.

Nidtiya starts smiling seeing Abhimanyu playing, he stops the music informing the police constable to arrest Niyati if she walks out of this house, Ram questions what sort of behavior is this, he replies that he has made a lot of mistakes in his life but they are all going to leave without punishing him for even a single one, he explains he made the first mistake by not trusting his wife and then he blamed her for murdering his daughter after which he threw her out of the house. Abhimanyu requests Niyati to not leave him like this, she should stay with him and punish him for all the mistakes but stay with him. Ram replies he should go to the police station however Abhimanyu explains that such punishment come under the umbrella of love and relations. Nidtiya agrees with Abhimanyu saying Niyati should stay with him and beat him every morning with a stick, Abhimanyu questions why is she giving her mother these ideas. Niyati questions if he thinks this is a joke when he replies when he thought of it as a joke then everything was fine but when he started to take things seriously, they all were wrong and he feels this is a kismet connection as he used to say to her but she did not believe in it, however if this is not the kismet then why are they once again standing here, but this time also have their daughter who is like a string which will not let them get separated ever again. Niyati asks Ram to come since it is time for their train but the constable bars her, she threatens to call the police when Abhimanyu says he can even dial the number of the police commissioner.

Niyati pulls Abhimanyu into the room, he sits on the bed asking her to punish him in whatever way she likes but she asks if he can stay quiet for even a moment explaining that she cannot live with him anymore, he questions why is it not possible when she is the one who has always helped him in each and every illness but she should not leave him, Niyati replies that she cannot live with him anymore so walks out of the room with her suitcase while he requests her to not leave him, Niyati makes him swear on her life and their daughter that he is not going to stop them, Niyati walks out when Nidtiya insists on not going without her father when Niyati requests Abhimanyu to tell the constables to let her leave, he says they should let them go when Niyati walks out with Nidtiya and Ram.

Abhimanyu once again enters the house when he hugs Mr Panday mentioning that he has failed so how is he going to live without his wife and daughter, Abhimanyu starts shivering as if he is once again about to get an attack but then Nidtiya rushes to hold his hand explaining she returned, when Abhimanyu thinks that it is a dream however Mr Panday replies that she has really come, Abhimanyu hugs Nidtiya when he is shocked to that Niyati has also returned with Ram and Sulochana, he asks if she came back when Niyati replies that she found out in these six years that there also needs to be a balance in a relationship which was lost but now she has once again decided to forgive him for the sake of their daughter on the promise that he must always take care of them, Nidtiya assures she is not going to let them both separate from eachother, the entire family pose together for a family photo with an immense smile.

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