Agneepath scheme demonetisation-like decision, no rank-no pension, only tension without direction- Congress

Congress PC on Agnipath Scheme: There has been a ruckus in the country on the Agnipath scheme regarding recruitment in the army. Protests are being held in many parts of the country. Meanwhile, Congress held a press conference regarding the Agnipath scheme. Congress leaders Pramod Tiwari, Pawan Khera and youth leader Kanhaiya Kumar have strongly criticized the Agneepath scheme for army recruitment. Senior Congress leader Pawan Khera said that the Agneepath scheme is a decision like demonetisation. The Prime Minister is playing with the people by making policies without thinking. He demanded immediate withdrawal of the Agneepath scheme. He asked whether he would kill the youth for financial savings? They are pelting sticks on the youth who are demanding their rights. Withdraw this plan. After all, how many youths will agree after their martyrdom?

demand to withdraw Agneepath scheme

Congress youth leader Kanhaiya Kumar said that Bihar’s unemployment rate is double. Opportunities are being snatched from the youth. He taunted and said that the PM considers us to be caged rats. This country is Gandhi’s country. He said that the Congress is supporting the movement against the army recruitment against the Agneepath scheme. Along with this, Kanhaiya Kumar has also appealed to the youth not to indulge in violence and arson. He said that do not burn the country’s property. 

If the youth retires in 4 years, who will marry?

Kanhaiya Kumar further said that If the young man retires in 4 years, who will marry him? He said that after 47 years, the highest unemployment has come in the Modi government. He questioned that why did the Modi government not ask the opposition or the youth about such a scheme earlier? Army is not just a job. When someone gets a job in the army, he is respected in the whole area. It is a question of security of the country, don’t make it a joke. 

Plan to throw youth in fire!

Congress leader Kanhaiya Kumar (Kanhaiya Kumar) Said that up to 25% this is the mindset of the mega bumper salesman. The benefit that is being counted is already being received. No leader’s son joins the army. Children of poor farmers go to the army. Agnipath Scheme is a plan to throw the youth of the country in the fire. These youths have neither been brought nor invited by anyone. Violence is happening because the problem of youth has increased a lot and opportunity has been taken away from them. He appealed to the youth not to damage the property of the country.

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