Agnipath Scheme: Know when the plan of ‘Agnipath Scheme’ was made, the blueprint prepared on this study

Agnipath Scheme Plan: The Agnipath scheme for the recruitment of the army, on which protests are taking place across the country, in fact its preparation was done about two years ago. The Department of Military Affairs i.e. DMA, subordinate to the Ministry of Defense, has prepared the outline of this ambitious Agniveer scheme of the government. Actually, Agniveer Scheme was started with Tour of Duty i.e. TOD Plan. But this TOD scheme was earlier for the officer rank in the army. The DMA had also started working on this. During this, when the recruitment of the army was stopped, then preparations were started to make this plan for the soldiers as well. The then CDS General Bipin Rawat had prepared the plan of the TOD scheme for the officers of the army. After this, the models of soldiers running in the armies of about half a dozen countries were studied. This included countries where soldiers are recruited on contract. Along with this, those armies were also studied where there is a mandatory army job for the youth. 

General Anil Puri prepared the blueprint
Let us tell you that Initially, there was confusion about this Agneepath model by the army itself, but gradually an attempt was made to make it attractive to new soldiers, then the army decided to adopt this model. After the death of CDS General Bipin Rawat in a helicopter crash last year i.e. in December 2021, the workload of the DMA department was on the shoulders of Additional Secretary, Lt Gen Anil Puri. Under his leadership the blueprint of Agniveer plan was prepared. 

The plan of ‘Agniveer Yojana’ was completely secret
Agniveer plan kept completely secret went. But in the last month i.e. in May, news about this plan started coming in the media. Earlier this plan was to be announced on June 8. But during that time Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was on an official visit to Vietnam, so the cabinet committee postponed this proposal for a week. After this, on June 14, the Cabinet Committee on Security ie CCS gave the green signal to the Agniveer scheme. 

Plan brought to strengthen the security of the country

  1. In the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme, the recruitment in the army will be for only four years. During these four years, he will be known as Agniveer.
  2. After four years, the services of the soldiers will be reviewed. After the review, the services of 25 percent Agniveers will be extended. The remaining 75 percent will be retired.
  3. Four years of service will also include training for six months.
  4. For Agniveer aged between 17 and a half years to 21 years Will be eligible (although now this year the maximum age has been increased to 23 years). 
  5. Services ie three parts of the army will give women a chance to become Agniveer according to their needs.
  6. Agniveers will get an annual salary package of 4.76 lakhs i.e. around 30 thousand per month. By the fourth year, this package will be 6.92 lakhs. Apart from this, Risk and Hardship Allowance will also be available for areas like Siachen.
  7. Pension will not be available after retirement but a lump sum amount will be given. This amount has been named as Service Fund Package. Under this, an amount of 11.7 lakh will be available after retirement. This service fund package has been made with the contribution of 30 percent of Agniveer’s salary and the same amount of the government. This service fund package will be completely income tax free.
  8. If any Agniveer Veergati is received during the service, then his family will get the assistance of one crore. Along with this, the family will also get the salary of the remaining service of Agniveer.
  9. If someone becomes disabled during the service of Agniveer, then an amount of 44 lakhs will be given to him and the salary of the remaining service will also be given.
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At present, the Agnipath scheme is only for the level of Jawans. But it is believed that it can also be brought for officers in the name of Tour of Duty (TOD). However, no official statement has come out regarding the TOD Plan.

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