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The episode starts with Satvik calling Painter and says you always complain that why I plan to meet Supriya and why I only go to meet her. He says the truth is that even she used to wait for me. The painter asks him to say. Satvik says Supriya has planned this meet. The painter says you have done so much for this relation. He says the day is not far when you pick moon and stars for her. Satvik says he will do it one day. Painter says he is very happy for him. Satvik says even he is happy. Vahini is sitting on the bench outside the office. Jeevika comes there and tells that she didn’t get the job. She stops and folds her hands, hearing ambulance. Vahini says there is no temple here, but mall. Jeevika says someone might be in the ambulance, and that’s why she prayed for that person. A girl drops heart shape cushion on the ground. Jeevika picks it and gives to her. Satvik comes there and comes to the girl. She is supriya. He greets her. Supriya says lets sit and talk. He sees the gifts which he had given her, and talks about it. It seems she has brought all the gifts which he had given to her. He says he don’t remember from where he has taken it all, and says now he knows how to convince her. She says I came to return it. He says first I want to talk to you. He takes the rose and starts countdown, while he proposes her for marriage, but she says that they need to separate. Satvik says go and sleep today, we will talk tomorrow. He says we love each other a lot and says I know it was prank, and says such jokes are not good, my hands are cold. Supriya shouts Satvik and says this is our last meeting and not a joke. She says its over. He gets teary eyes and tells himself that he will make everything fine. He says Supriya, don’t punish Papa for my doings, he is admitted in hospital and his condition is critical and he is stubborn that until I get married, he will not get his surgery done, so I told him that I will bring his bahu. She says I am extremely sorry, I can’t do anything for you. She asks him not to ask anything and if possible, forgive her. She says he is critical, come with me to the hospital once. She says I am sorry, we are not meeting again. She gets up and goes from there, leaving all the gifted items there. The showpiece breaks.

Jeevika is in the mall and seeing the things. Vahini says you would have got fake certificate made. She asks how is the purse? She says when brother brings money then what is the use for you to work. Jeevika asks her how is the show piece, in which a mother is holding a baby in her hand. Jeevika wants it to buy for her mother. Supriya goes while Satvik runs behind her, pushing Jeevika who comes in his way suddenly. Jeevika somehow manages balance, but she slips stepping on the water and falls off the railing. Satvik sees her hanging holding the edge. She holds the railing, but slips and falls down on the ground. Satvik comes running down the escalator, pushes Supriya and runs out. Jeevika sees him coming and faints. Vahini comes there and cries seeing her. Satvik says I didn’t do anything intentionally. He takes her in the car. Vahini asks the driver to drive fast.

Doctor comes to Satvik’s father and asks why he is not ready for the operation and tells that Dr. Ashok has to leave from here, after the surgery. Narayan Bhosle tells that he will not agree. Bhabhi tells that Satvik promised to bring his bahu here, to make her meet you. She says your dream will fulfill for surely, and asks him to wear the gown. She says you don’t trust Satvik. Narayan says if you trust him then I will wait for some more time, and says I will agree to all your sayings, if he agrees to this. Satvik takes Jeevika to the hospital and asks Nurse to tell the Dr. Pradhan that it is Savitri silk case. Vahini stops to call the family, while he goes with Jeevika, as she is taken to the OT. She looks at him in semiunconscious state and gives her hand. He holds her hand and looks at her.

The nurses and ward boy take the stretcher inside. Satvik leaves her hand. Dr. Megha comes there. Satvik asks her to make the girl fine. Bhabhi comes there and looks at Satvik. The doctor asks Narayan to agree for operation and says your son’s marriage can happen later, but not this operation. Satvik comes there, removing his blood stained jacket outside. He comes to his Papa and says you will be fine soon after operation. Narayan tells that he wants a hope to live and wants his family to move forward. He asks Nurse to take the gown and other things from there. Satvik says we will talk later as every moment is critical for you. Narayan says you shall think about this. His condition deteriorates and says his life is in his son’s life. Satvik holds his hand and says I will do just as you say, deal. Bhabhi says Satvik can do anything for you.

Aai and Swara come to the hospital. Vahini tells them that Jeevika is taken for the operation. Aai gets worried and says operation. She insists to meet her and cries. Vahini says our Bappa will handle everything. Swara asks how did she fall down suddenly from the height, what happened exactly.

Bhabhi asks Satvik what happened? Satvik says he ran fast to stop Supriya and he didn’t know how did this happen. Bhabhi says I will make everything fine. Satvik says until that girl gets fine, she is my responsibility. Bhabhi says your brother and sister also need you, they are also your responsibility. She asks him to leave the matter to her. Shlok comes and asks Satvik how is he? He asks about Supriya and asks why did you promise Papa for marriage. Aai worries for Jeevika and cries. Swara calls Pradeep and asks him to come home. Vahini asks why they are late. Swara says they are making arrangements for money. Vahini says it was for my chain and argues with Swara. She asks them to use the FD instead. Aai asks them not to fight. Swara says she will go and pick Jhanvi from school.

Shlok asks Satvik how he can agree? Satvik says he has agreed for their Papa. Aadhya is crying. Shlok hugs her. Juhi is still sitting, looking in her mobile. Aadhya says first we lost Mummy and then Akash Bhaiyya. Shlok takes Satvik to side and asks about the blood stains on his clothes. He asks if everything is fine. Satvik says yes and asks him to take care of Aadhya.

Vahini comes to the receptionist and asks about Jeevika’s bill. The receptionist tells that all the payment is done. Vahini asks her to check properly. She asks who paid it? The receptionist says he is Satvik Bhosle, who has brought her here with you. Vahini gets glad and asks how much was the bill till now. The receptionist tells that it is 2.5 lakhs till now. And all the remaining bills is also paid in advance. She thinks he is either rich or might have thought that this accident happened because of him. She thinks he has saved his chain.

Doctor comes out and tells that Jeevika is fine and will gain consciousness in sometime. She says both her ovaries were damaged and she can’t convince now. Aai asks what do you mean? Doctor says she can’t become a mother.

Precap: Vahini asks Satvik’s bhabhi that she shall get Jeevika married to Satvik. Bhabhi tells her father in law that she has chosen girl for Satvik, she is Jeevika Rane.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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