Air Force Chief said – Big changes are needed for war in future

Air Force Chief on Future War: The Chief of the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary, has stressed the need for reforms in future war preparedness. Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary believes that in the current geopolitical situation, the Indian Air Force needs to be prepared for rapid and short duration operations in a short period of time. In the continuum of force, space and time, we will need to prepare for shorter and faster wars as well as prepare for a prolonged standoff. We will need to be prepared for short-term wars as well as long-lasting standoffs like the one we are seeing in eastern Ladakh. Let us tell you that the standoff between India and China has been going on in Eastern Ladakh for the last few years. However, both sides have withdrawn their troops from several areas after several rounds of military and diplomatic talks.

Be prepared for shorter and faster wars in future – Air Chief< /strong>

Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary also stressed on the need to develop a focused action plan for indigenization of all critical components. He said that new modes of high intensity operations in the shortest possible time would require major changes in the operating system. Air Chief Marshal Choudhary said that in such a scenario it will be a challenging task to help the logistics. Such campaigns would require mobilization of resources and making their transportation feasible. There is also a need to develop a focused action plan for indigenization of critical components to achieve the vision of the Air Force.

Also called for formalizing the Integrated Road and Rail Management Plan and exploring the feasibility of using larger aircraft and carrying large quantities of material in containers, the Air Chief Marshal said.  Outlining the various aspects of military preparedness, the Air Force Chief said that further service capability would be further enhanced by the ‘Inventory Management System’. Will have to work to connect. To tackle the issue of availability of spares, I think we need to re-evaluate the methods of locating requirements and the notion of storage. The line between chaos and order is in logistics. Logistics has been recognized as an important medium for the economic progress of the country.

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