Ajay Devgan and Kajol hit the same dialogue in different films, funny video viral

Ajay Devgn Kajo Same Dialogue Video: Ajay Devgn (Ajay Devgn) looks like a serious kind of person, but he is very ahead in terms of fun. He‍he has shared a funny video in his latest‍t Instagram post‍t, which is becoming very viral. Actually, in this video, a clip of Ajay and his wife Kajol’s different films has been shown, in which both are seen hitting the same dialogue about mocking.

First clip of Kajol’s film‍M ‘Tribhanga’ In which she is talking to someone on the phone. Then a woman comes and says,  Ma’am smoking is not allowed here. Showing a cigarette, Kajol says,  Jali hai kya?

The second clip is Ajay’s film‍M ‘Runway 34’ In which he is seen pressing a cigarette in his mouth in a washroom. Just then a person washing his hands there speaks, no s‍moking here. On this Ajay says, is it not lit?


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Ajay said- Kajol defeated

This video of Ajay (Ajay Devgn) and Kajol (Kajol) has been seen tremendously on social media. This video has become increasingly viral. Within a few hours, more than 1 million people have seen it and are giving their reaction. This is really a very funny video. Enjoy yourself too. Talking about Ajay’s upcoming film‍M, he is doing ‘Thank God’ these days. Which is in the headlines about Releasing on Diwali.

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