Ajay Jadeja advised Dravid and Rohit Sharma to avoid these things in front of the press

Ajay Jadeja on Rohit Sharma: A major reason for not reaching the finals of Team India in the Asia Cup 2022 was considered to be the constant change in playing-11. Many former Indian cricketers had raised questions about using different combinations in Team India. Some former cricketers had also called the statement of Rohit Sharma wrong, which he gave after losing the match against Sri Lanka.

‘Players also have families’
In conversation with Cricbuzz, Jadeja said, ‘Loss and wins are part of the game. But there should be no confusion about the team combination. Such statements should not come here that we are working on some things. You have to understand that the players who are in your team also have their families. When he reads all this, many things come to the fore. The coach and the captain should maintain uniformity in their statements in front of the media. You should discuss these things with the team as much as you can.’

‘There should be a strong dialogue with the team’
Jadeja said, ‘If you keep making changes in your team after the result of every match, then there will be confusion in the team. It can be removed. I know there is a good synergy between the captain and coach of Team India but this synergy should be visible in front of the media as well. You always have to say some important things in the press conference. But your team should know why this is being said. Your interactions with the team should be strong and there should be no need to justify those points to the press.’

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