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Scene 1
Rajveer comes to the hotel room and starts looking around. He feels someone’s presence there and finds the party worker there. He beats him up and asks what do you know? The party worker says I don’t know anything. Rajveer says someone killed Harvinder. The party worker says Harvinder planned to kill you and I told that to Ajooni, then she recorded Harvinder’s confession. Rajveer asks him to come and tell everyone the truth.

Ravindra has locked Ajooni in the gas chamber and says you killed my son so I won’t spare you. Mangi pleads with him to leave her. Rajveer’s friend calls him and asks him to come back home fast, Ajooni’s life in danger.

Rajveer arrives at the house with the party worker and rushes to Ajooni. He sees her locked in the chamber and opens it. He brings her out and says you are safe now. Aman takes her from there. Rajveer shouts at Ravindra what is all this? Ravindra says you keep saving her but you have no proof against Harvinder. I have proof against Ajooni now, he plays her recording in which she threatened to kill Harvinder. Rajveer says I have a proof. He calls the party worker there. He tells Ravindra that Harvinder planned to kill Rajveer and I told this to Ajooni, she recorded his confession but someone stole it. The party worker says I think Ajooni was behind Harvinder’s murder. Rajveer says what are you saying? Ravindra says Rajveer is blinded by his wife’s love, everything is pointing against Ajooni. You won’t stop me now. Shikha smirks and leaves from there.

Ravindra goes to meet the inspector. The inspector says we found out there was a man in the hotel with Harvinder who was fighting with him, we found his bracelet. Ravindra checks it and finds Rajveer’s name on it. He says this can’t be true. The inspector says this is a strong proof against Rajveer. Ravindra says just close this case now.

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