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Scene 1
Ajooni comes to Rajveer and asks why did you do all that? Rajveer says I had to kill Harvinder. Ajooni says you are lying, I trust you. Rajveer says I trusted you too but you did all that right? Ajooni says what? Rajveer says I am sure you did all that for my love so I took the blame on myself. Ajooni says I was not behind anything. Rajveer says all proofs were against you, I found your purse in the hotel too. Harman hides and hears all that. Rajveer says I will take the blame for you. If I didn’t take the blame then Ravindra would have killed you. Ajooni shouts then you should have let me die. Harman hears all that and leaves. Ajooni cries and says if you don’t trust me then you should have let me die. Rajveer says I can do anything for you. Ajooni says but you can’t trust me? lets decide about this your way. She brings a whip and starts hurting herself. Rajveer tries to stop her but she says you don’t trust me right? I didn’t do anything.. Rajveer says all proofs are against you. Ajooni says those proofs can be created. My recording was used but someone had to record that part only? And how come only that phone was saved from the accident? Rajveer says I had a doubt but I trust you, I will find out who is behind all this. I won’t spare that Shikha now. He leaves from there.

Aman is cooking in the kitchen happily. Chanku comes there and is confused. Aman says I am cooking for Harvinder, he must be coming back soon. Chanku leaves from there.

Ravindra is sitting sadly when Harman comes there and asks what is he thinking? Ravindra says I don’t know who is lying or telling the truth anymore. Aman comes there and asks Harman to call Harvinder. I have cooked for him as he must be coming back soon. Harman says he is never coming back. Ravindra says he is dead. Aman says don’t say all that. I won’t spare anyone saying all that for my husband. Harman takes Aman from there. Harman asks Aman to handle herself. Aman says you are talking about your son’s death? Harman slaps her and says he is dead. Ajooni comes there and says don’t torture her. Harman says this is all happening because of you, you have killed Harvinder. I know Rajveer took the blame for you but I won’t spare you. She leaves from there. Aman asks Ajooni if she killed Harvinder? Ajooni cries and says no, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t kill him. Aman moves away from her. Ajooni cries and leaves.

Harman comes to Ravindra and asks if he is okay? He says everything is destroyed. Harman says Aman has a mental trauma. He says I can’t believe that Rajveer killed Harvinder. Harman says because that’s a lie, Ajooni is behind all that. I heard them talking. Rajveer found the proofs against Ajooni so he took the blames on himself to save her. Ravindra asks if she is telling the truth? She says yes. Ravindra says I beat Rajveer so much when its all Ajooni? I won’t spare her now.

Ravindra comes to Ajooni and slaps her hard. He says you saw me beating Rajveer but never accepted your crime? Ajooni says I didn’t do anything. Harman says you killed Harvinder and let Rajveer take the blame? Ajooni says Rajveer and I are both innocent. Ravindra says I don’t trust you anymore, I will kill you.

Rajveer meets his friends who gives him a letter.

Ravindra calls the family. He puts an apple on Ajooni’s head and points a gun at her. She is scared.

PRECAP – Ravindra points a gun at Ajooni but Rajveer comes there and stands in front of her. Ravindra says you have a new drama? Rajveer says I want to end this drama now.

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