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Scene 1
Harvinder says go to your mom’s place. I want to talk to my Shikha. Ajooni asks Shikha to wait outside. Harvinder says she’s my to-be wife. She won’t leave. Ajooni says Aman is your wife. Shikha says Harvinder you have no respect in your home? Ajooni says who are you to ruin another woman’s life? Harvinder is already married. Shikha says what’s her worth? She can’t keep her husband happy. Who cares if she dies? Ajooni slaps Shikha. Shikha calls her dad.

Shikha’s dad says my daughter was slapped in your house. You have no dignity. It looks like your DILs rule this house and men aren’t men. And this Harvinder is married, still, I agreed to get my daughter married to your son. Rawinder stops them. He says sit, I don’t mind losing this proposal because there are many girls dying to marry my son. But I need to prove that this house isn’t run my our DILs. He says Ajooni I always stayed silent because fo Rajveer but today you will be punished for your mistake. People are questioning our family. You will be punished. Shikha says she slapped me so I will slap her now. Rawinder says you are still an outsider and not a Bagga. He says Ajooni would be punished by the one who brought her to this house. He says yes Rajveer do it.

Rawinder asks Rajveer to stand next to her. He says to announce the punishment of Rajveer. Rajveer smiles and says an outsider can’t touch a Bagga, an outsider won’t tell what would be the punishment for the DIL of this house. I don’t accept it. He says to the man your daughter said my wife slapped her, yes she did. In front of me. Did she tell you why was she slapped? Truth should be heard from both sides. Because of your daughter, my brother kicked his wife out of the room because they had to talk behind closed doors. What was so important to talk about between your daughter and my married brother? And then your daughter said Aman better die? Would you have liked it if this happened with your daughter in this house? My wife did nothing wrong by slapping her. Shikha’s dad asks if it’s true. She says yes.

Rajveer says I don’t care about this proposal. But no one will mess with my wife. The man says to Rawinder sorry my daughter was wrong. I promise you it won’t happen again. We can carry on with this wedding. Rawinder asks them to leave. Ajooni looks at Shikha. Ajooni stops Rajveer. Ajooni says you understand everything, you know what is right. Why are you not helping Aman? He says I am helpless at some points. Don’t ask me about others because I got married to you. You’re my responsibility and I promise you I won’t let anything happen to you because anything is for you.

Scene 2
Dolly mixes something in Meher’s makeup.
Aman is in pain. Ajooni asks Rajveer to call the doctor. Rajveer says let me bring him myself.
Meher applies the kajal. She screams. She says my eyes are burning. Her mom cleans her eyes. Bharat says what’s happening in this house. Bharat helps her wash her eyes. Her mom smells it. She says I am sure this Dolly did this. Dr. Avinash comes to the house. Harman tells him the room. Ajooni says let me bring you a hot water bottle. Ajooni sees Avinash. She’s shocked.

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer sees Avinash. He says how dare you to come here. He hits Avinash, Ajooni tries to stop him.

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