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Hitesh Bharadwaj and Akshita Mudgal who are currently essaying the lead roles in Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain are disappointed as the show is slated to bid adieu to viewers on April 20.

The makers have decided to pull the plug on the show, barely six months after its launch. During an interview with BT, Hitesh talked about it and shared, “The show had a good concept and it revolved around an aspiring IAS officer and her struggles. To look like a student, I had undergone vigorous training and achieved a six pack in four months. I also reduced around 10 kilos. So, when you put in so much hard work, it is disappointing that the show wraps up so soon. I feel some more time should have been given for the show to settle and connect with viewers. But, anyway, you can’t decide the fate of a show and we just need to learn from it and move on. Good concept shows take longer to establish, even my earlier show Anokhi was interesting but it wrapped up.”

Akshita, who is essaying the role of IAS officer in the show admits that the ratings were not desirable. She said, “I agree that most shows move from a good concept to kitchen politics or saas-bahu drama. But audiences are lapping it up, so scriptwriters will move towards it. However, I still felt that there was scope in the script to explore it further, but the show is wrapping up. Mostly, shows that centre around love triangles and kitchen politics survive on TV, while shows with good concepts wrap up faster.”

Talking about her last show Ishk Par Zor Nahi which also wrapped up abruptly in four months. She said, “Both my shows ended in four months and while Ishk Par…went off air abruptly, I understood the situation because the makers wanted KBC to take over. But, this show had a good concept and we were not given a chance to establish it further.”

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