Alkaline Diet: If you take alkaline diet then eat these 5 vegetables

Most Alkaline Vegetable: Nowadays many people have started taking alkaline diet. In this, they drink alkaline water and consume similar vegetables. If you take an alkaline diet, then you should include some special vegetables in your diet. In this diet you have to include green vegetables, fruits and whole grains. You can choose green vegetables like beetroot, gourd, kale and spinach for this. Know 5 such vegetables that you can eat in an alkaline diet.

1- Beetroot- You can include beetroot in alkaline diet. You can eat beetroot salad, soup, juice or just eat it raw. Beetroot is considered very good among alkaline vegetables. Beetroot is full of nutrients. 

2- Cucumber and Cucumber- Summer is the season of cucumber. Cucumber is included in the alkaline diet. You can eat it in salad, soup or as a vegetable. 

3- Kale- Kale is considered a superfood among vegetables. This gives many benefits to the body. Include kale in alkaline diet. Kale has a lot of alkalizing or alkalizing properties. You can eat it as a salad or baked. 

4- Spinach- Green vegetables can also be included in the alkaline diet. Spinach is a good option for this. Spinach is rich in iron and calcium. It can be included in alkaline dice. 

5- Gourd- Alkaline diet also includes gourd. The problem of gas and stomach problems are removed by eating bottle gourd. This vegetable contains alkalizing ingredients, which keep you healthy. You can eat gourd curry, juice or pudding.

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