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A girl (Kriti) is shown folding clothes. She notices a lipstick mark on her husband’s shirt. She ignores it. After a few minutes, she goes outside her room.

Kriti: I’ll call him now.. enough is enough

She calls Rajveer (husband)

Rajveer: Yes kya hua??

Kriti: Veer.. how many times have you been to Jaipur after our marriage? At least 50 times. when will you come

Veer: I am with Abhay Kriti

Kriti: Come here na.. (hears a girl call Veer)

Girl on phone: Veer!! Come here na.. (it’s actually Kriti but she does not realise)

Kriti: Ve-Veer.. I thought you were with Abhay

Veer: Now I am not.. look behind you.

Kriti turns around and sees Veer there.

Kriti: Veer!!!

Veer: You said to come.. how could I ignore you?

They go to their room

Kriti: Achha ji.. why were you not coming for so many days.. now you are back, I won’t let you go

Veer gets a phone call.

Kriti: Kon hai?

Veer: w-woh (the call gets cut and Ansh is the one calling him)

Veer: Ansh..

Kriti: Oh ok.

Veer: Priya kahan hai?


Priya: Hi chachu!

Veer: Hi bacha..

Priya: You finally found time to come back na.. anyway.. how is Prakriti Masi?

Kriti is shocked.

Kriti: Prakriti?

Veer: Yeah I met her there.. Priya knows as well.


RECAP: Prakriti’s fake act. Kriti’s helplessness.

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