Alum Benefits: This small white stone kept in the house cures many diseases from the root, know its surprising benefits

Alum Benefits: Usually we all have a white colored stone kept in our house. Especially around the kitchen or bathroom, you will definitely find it somewhere in the drawer. We know this white stone by the name of Alum. The use of alum is not from today but from ancient times. There are many benefits of white stone i.e. alum. It has many medicinal properties which protect us from diseases.

Many people keep alum in the first aid box as well. This is because whenever children or elders in the family get hurt or cut, people clean them with alum. Let us know what are the more than one benefits of alum.

Removes urine infection

Alum has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Which is helpful in removing urine infection. Actually, the intimate area is cleaned with alum water, which reduces the infection.

Ointment is for minor injuries

Often small Children and elders get hurt many times due to which their blood starts coming out. If the injured area is cleaned with alum water, the bleeding stops. Also, it has antibacterial properties which reduce the risk of infection. Mothers and sisters at home use it as first aid when their children get hurt.

It is beneficial for the skin

Alum water washes face. By massaging, the face becomes clean. In a way it acts as a natural clean-up for the face and gets rid of skin problems.

Good for oral health

Alum acts as a natural mouthwash for teeth. Putting it in water and gargling provides relief from toothache. Along with this, the problem of bad breath also goes away.

Eliminates the dirt of the head 

Many times the shampoo does not remove the dirt present in the scalp. He was unable to remove it, due to which lice start appearing in the head. If you wash your head with alum water, it goes to the scalp and hair roots and throws out the dirt. Its water also kills head lice.

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