Alzheimer’s Treatment: Has Alzheimer’s Medicine Really Been Made? Will be revealed in November

Treatment for Alzheimers: There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease so far, which can prevent or completely cure this disease from progressing. However, now a new ray of hope has arisen about this. Biogen and other partners, which research Alzheimer’s disease drugs, are constantly working in this direction.

It has been said on behalf of AISA that

Use of drugs during research 1 thousand 8 hundred people suffering from Alzheimer’s were done. All of them are patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s. It has also been revealed in the research that the use of these drugs has reduced the deterioration of the patient’s health by up to 27 percent. Their effectiveness was observed for 18 months after starting the drugs and their clinical evaluation was done with the effectiveness of the drugs given so far for Alzheimer’s.

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