America spoke openly on India-Russia relations, said- such relations develop in decades

USA President Joe Biden US President Joe Biden on Friday said that he is ‘very good’ with India. Very good relation and he has visited India twice. Before leaving for his home state of Delaware, Biden told reporters that he had been informed of three American citizens who were missing in Ukraine. In response to a question related to India, President Biden said, ‘I have been to India twice and will go again. I have very good relations with India.’

Earlier  State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Thursday that we have had several rounds of discussions with our Indian partners and after considering all the points, our result is that each country has a different relationship with Russia. Is. He said India’s relations with Russia have evolved over several decades. Price said it has evolved over decades when the US was not prepared for or became the partner of choice for the Indian government. But now the situation has changed. Relations with India are a legacy of a bipartisan tradition that has been going on for more than two decades now.

India-Russia relations have been built over several decades

America also stands with India

Price (Ned Price) said, "Throughout all this, we have made it clear to our Indian partners that we stand with them. We are ready and capable and willing to partner with them. Of course, we have partnered with our Indian partners with ‘two plus two’ (Two Plus Two) Did not communicate long ago. In the context of i2u2, we once again prime Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi). Apart from India in i2u2, we also have United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel (Israel). India is joining many partnerships with us, including of course the Quad. This is a group that this administration wants to revive and it has done so at a very high level."

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