America’s oldest woman dies at the age of 113, dance video with Barack Obama goes viral

Barack Obama Dance With Old Lady: Virginia McLaurin, the woman who danced in the White House with former President Barack Obama in 2016, died at the age of 113. During that time, Virginia McLaurin met Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama at the White House and also danced. In fact, when Barack Obama became the black President of America, she went to the White House to express her happiness.

6 years old video of this meeting is now going viral. In this video, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are seen dancing with Virginia. When Virginia went to meet the White House, she was said to be 106. In the video, Barack Obama asks Virginia how are you, to which she replies that I am fine. After this Obama says that would you like to bless Michelle too, then she gives a big nod and starts dancing loudly. In such a situation, Obama stops him and says that slow down a bit, don’t be in such a hurry.

The Obama couple showered praises

After this, a long conversation between the Obama couple and Virginia takes place. Barack Obama tells the people present in that room that Virginia is only 106 years old, drive a little slower. In this Michelle says that, I would like to be like her. Answering this, 106-year-old Virginia says that yes of course you can. At that time, Virginia expressed the happiness of reaching the White House and said that she was very happy there because she never thought that she would be able to reach here. So right there, Michelle Obama praised her saying that such an energetic woman at this age made my day.

Virginia has a special history

According to the Washington Post, Virginia died in Maryland, USA. When she passed away, she was in her son’s house. His son has said that he died due to a heart attack. In February 2016, she met Barack Obama, America’s first black president, during Black History Month. There was also a special thing that Virginia was 3 years old when the Titanic ship sank, when World War II ended, she was 36 years old, when the Civil Rights Act came into force, she was 55 years old, when Dr. King’s She was 59 years old when the assassination took place, 80 years old when the Berlin Wall fell and 99 years old when the first black president was elected in America.

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