Amory University of America signed MoU with Gandhi Medical College, know what is the plan?

MP Medical News: Medical knowledge sharing mission has been started in Madhya Pradesh. This is the first time in the country that such a mission has been started. On Monday, under this mission, America’s Emery University has signed an MoU with Gandhi Medical College of Bhopal. Medical students of the state will get benefit from this innovation. Emery University is famous in the field of research, through this new medical techniques will be exchanged. 

Plan to make Bhopal TB free
The capacity of medical students will be developed through medical training. Joint medical research projects will be established through the MoU. With this, an action plan will be prepared to make Bhopal TB free. Dr. Manoj Jain participated in this program on behalf of Emory University. Rebecca Martin, Vice President of Global Health, virtually participated in this. During this Additional Chief Secretary Mohammad Suleman, Karlin Khongwar Deshmukh, Professor Amery University Dr. Manoj Jain, DME Dr. Jiten Shukla, Gandhi Medical College Dean Dr. Arvind Rai, Superintendent Hamidia Hospital Dr. Ashish were present.

Let us tell you that Madhya Pradesh became the first state in the country where MBBS education was started in Hindi. In all the 13 Government Medical Colleges of Madhya Pradesh, Anatomy, Physiology and Bio-Chemistry were taught in the first year of MBBS from the current session itself. At the same time, MBBS books were available to the students in English, but now MBBS books are available in Hindi.

The pilot project of MBBS course in Hindi was started from Gandhi Medical College. Last month, Home Minister Amit Shah had launched Hindi course for medical. Medical Education Minister Vishwas Saranga had told that the first year calendar had been prepared to convert the chapters of the syllabus.

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