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The Episode starts with Payal getting the chakki from the storeroom. She grinds the wheat. Emily also grinds the wheat to get flour for kheer. Anandi and Gunjan come. Emily says I m making kheer to please Motibaa. Anandi says no use, Motibaa won’t eat anything made by Emily. Emily says let me try. Gunjan thinks Pinky will eat the kheer and everyone will think that Motibaa is impressed by Emily. Anandi asks her to be with her. Gunjan asks Emily not to go. Emily says let me try. Gunjan calls Pinky. Pinky is sleeping. Emily comes and keeps the kheer bowl there. She prays and goes. Someone comes and takes the kheer bowl. Emily says I will go and check if Baa ate the kheer. Anandi says she won’t eat. Emily gets the empty bowl and says Motibaa has eaten the kheer. They all get surprised.

Gunjan goes to beat Pinky. She sees Pinky sleeping and beats her. She asks can’t you control, how did she eat the kheer. Pinky says I swear on you, I didn’t eat it, who ate it. They see a shadow. They get scared seeing a woman going. Gunjan gets shaken. She goes. Pinky also runs out.

Emily says Motibaa accepted my kheer, I think she accepted me. Payal says yes, I also think so. Gunjan says its not a big thing. Anandi says right, it’s the last day of Shraddh tomorrow, if Baa doesn’t give any sign tomorrow, then Emily has to leave. They all get sad. Pinky gets scared in the storeroom. She goes to Gunjan. Gunjan says Anandi troubles me all day. She checks the door and sees Pinky. Pinky says I m scared, there is a ghost in storeroom. Gunjan asks her to go. Aaghya wakes up. He sees Pinky and asks are you at home, you went to village. Gunjan acts to wake up and says Pinky isn’t here, you are dreaming. He sleeps. Gunjan takes Pinky out. Pinky says I will sleep under the bed. Gunjan says just leave, let me go. Pinky cries. Emily pray and says I don’t want to leave this house. Anandi sees Pinky and asks when did you come. Gunjan comes and lies. She slaps Pinky. She says we have to make Emily out today.

Anandi says yes, Baa doesn’t like it. Aarav shouts and calls everyone. They see the marriage pic. Emily says its clear sign that Motibaa likes me. Payal says yes. Emily says Motibaa likes me, if she can accept me, then why can’t Anandi accept me. Gulab says yes, even Anandi should accept Emily. Anandi says fine, I have no problem, I will give chunri to Emily today. Emily thanks Anandi and hugs everyone. She says I m so happy. She takes the sweets for Kanha. Kanha comes. Emily says I impressed Motibaa, she is happy with me. Kanha says spirits don’t get into worldly things, we get to see things clearly when light comes in the darkness. He asks her for the cake. She thanks and says I will get it. She goes. Pinky says forget it, Emily won’t go. The wind blows. They get scared. Gunjan says come, I will ward off our bad sight. Anandi talks to Motibaa’s pic. She says if you like Emily, then I will accept her, I will give this chunri to Emily. Emily says Motibaa accepted me. Anandi gives her chunri. Emily asks her to say why is she giving it. Anandi says Motibaa likes you, so I m giving this to you. Emily says no, she doesn’t like me, I have done some investigations. She recalls the new frame and says Jaman got this frame, Aarav had told Jaman to get it. Anandi gets angry.

Anandi tries solving a couple’s fight. Emily gives her opinion. Gunjan advises Anandi.

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