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The Episode starts with Anandi getting angry on Aarav. He says yes, Emily was so upset, so I did this for her sake. He recalls meeting Emily and telling her that he has seen her good heart, Anandi will also know that she can’t get a better bahu thank her. She asks really. He says yes, when you are with me, I stay happy, I feel I should just see you, I know you try hard to please everyone, they all love you. Emily says I wish Motibaa also liked me. He says she will do. FB ends. He says I fixed this frame here and also called you all. Anandi asks who ate the kheer. Emily says Gulab loves kheer, Payal told me, he ate the kheer, right. Gulab recalls eating the kheer. Anandi scolds him. He says Parimal asked me not to eat, but I lost control seeing the kheer, I hid there because of Payal, I told Parimal and he gave me a new way to repent. She gets angry. Payal asks Emily why did she tell the truth to Anandi. Gunjan says it means Emily has to leave the house. Anandi says Baa’s soul has left, we don’t know if she likes Emily or not, maybe my puja worked. Emily says maybe its our imagination, I was scared of ghost, when I tried to impress Motibaa’s ghost, my fear ended, we should not get afraid. Aarav says yes, you are right. Emily says we learn a lot from our ancestors, you don’t need to feel scared of her. Payal asks Anandi to give it to Emily. Emily says I will accept it when Anandi gives it from her heart, not to make me happy. Gunjan and Pinky dance in their room. They get scared when the wind blows. They start praising Emily. Kanha says many times, a person isn’t deserving, but he has a wish to get something, but you are deserving, even then you told your Saas that you will take the chunri when she gives it happily, you have a clean heart, tell me, you would have been greedy to get it, Anandi would have accepted you as her bahu, then why did you tell the truth.

She says I wanted to accept that chunri, but you said that love can save everything, my love for Aarav will make me win, I will win Anandi’s heart also. He nods and smiles. Payal gets dhokla for Emily. Emily asks for a candle. She lights the candle. Anandi comes. Priyanka comes. Anandi compliments her. She says I think Nilesh keeps you happy. Priyanka greets Emily. She says I know Emily, I met her in America at Mridula’s house, we often talk on call, I came to meet her. Anandi asks Emily to take her friend with her. Priyanka asks Emily to just help her, her Saas is coming in Sabha today. Emily asks her to wait. She calls kanha and asks what shall I do, I don’t like to lie. He says the answer is around you. He disappears. She asks where are you. She hears Aaghya asking Anandi about lie. Emily hears them. Anandi says a lie that doesn’t cause any harm isn’t bad, whatever Krishna did, it was to support the Pandavas, don’t ask me anything now. Kanha comes and asks did you understand. Emily says yes, lying isn’t wrong to support the truth. Kanha says yes, you should support the truth if its weak. Priyanka says I m waiting. Emily says I got an answer, so I was smiling. Anandi blesses the couple. The lady says Priyanka wants to break the relation with Nilesh, because he is bald. Gunjan and Pinky laugh. Anandi asks Priyanka what’s this. Priyanka says I want to break this relation. Anandi says this never happens in Gondal, do you have an example, no, right. Emily says I m an example, there will be many examples. Anandi says don’t say this. Emily says if she wants a handsome husband, then she will divorce her bald husband, its her right to get separated. The lady asks Anandi to explain her bahu. They all leave.

Payal and Emily talk to Priyanka. Priyanka says Baa’s anger was right. Emily recalls asking Priyanka to tell the truth to Baa that her husband physically abuses her. Priyanka says I want to come out of that hell right away. Emily says I will help you, tell everything to Baa. Priyanka agrees. FB ends. Priyanka says I didn’t tell anything to Baa, save me, else I will die, don’t tell the truth to anyone before divorce. Emily asks what shall I do now, Baa is angry on me. Payal says yes, Emily is caught in a big dilemma.

Anandi asks Gunjan to think of Aarav’s hair. Gunjan adds something in Aarav’s shampoo. Aarav goes for a bath. He gets shocked seeing his bald head. Anandi says its Emily and my fight now.

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