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Kanta tells Anupama that she is the best daughter and Kanhaji gave her the best match Anuj. She further tells her that she will be associated with Shah house forever, but she shouldn’t let that house ruin her happiness; she knows Leela really well, Leela will never change and more than music, there will be fights in the wedding. At Shah house, Toshu returns thinking he its difficult to convince Vanraj, but he has to do it. He tells Vanraj to listen to him once and says they lost the job and will not get one easily as Malvika must have spoilt their name. Vanraj says he knows, they need funding for a business which they don’t have. Toshu says there is one person who can help them. Vanrfaj asks who is it. Rakhi enters and says its her. She says she brought imported fruits for her daughter. She further says he has only 2 options, either give up or accept her offer. Vanraj says she doesn’t have to worry about them.

Kinjal with Anupama returns after vegetable shopping. Rakhi gets angry and says she didn’t give her birth to buy vegetables. Kinjal says even Rakhi doesn’t buy buildings every day, she is just doing daily chores. Rakhi says poor people just comfort themselves with these words and asks when Shahs cannot feed themselves, how will they take care of her and her baby. Vanraj says until he is alive, she need to worry about Kinjal; he will take care of his family like he is doing till now. Rakhi asks how. Toshu says he wanted to talk to her. Vanraj says there is no need to take favor from this woman. Toshu he needs his MIL’s help as nothing will change until Vanraj changes his attitude, he cannot depend on him for long and needs to think about his future and career, it was his mistake that he shouldn’t have joined him as he ruined his career. Rakhi smirks hearing that.

Toshu continues that Vanraj rejected a good job offer and wanted to destroy Anuj and play mind games between Anuja and Malvika, he destroyed everything. He finally says he became a loser like Vanraj. Vanraj stands shocked hearing that. Leela asks if he knows whom he is speaking to. Toshu says he is speaking to a man who didn’t achieve anything in life, whose mummy like doormat wife left him, whose another wife Kavya is showing attitude towards him, who cannot couldn’t handle his job or business, who couldn’t gain respect.

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