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Vanraj alleges Anupama that her happiness has brought his father at the door of death and he doesn’t want her to take care of his father. Anupama says Hasmukh is even her father. Vanraj says she would have seen Hasmukh’s problem then. She asks if he also couldn’t see it, why only she should be punished. He says because she will be married in 2 days and will leave Shah house, they will have to take care of Hasmukh after that, then why not from today itself. Anupama says it doesn’t mean she will completely disconnect herself from Shah house, she will often visit her children and Hashmukh. Leela asks her to end their trouble at once and stay at her in-laws permanently as her children are grown up now and she is not related to Vanraj anymore. She adds that their relationship ended after she put Hasmukh’s life at risk, she will never let Anupama enter the house after her marriage, so Anupama and Anuj should stop bothering them and let them get Hasmukh treated. Vanraj says he is silent because of Bapuji and if something happens to Bapuji… Anupama says nothing will happen to Bapuji. Vanraj and Leela walk away.

Anupama prays Kanhaji that nothing should happen to Hasmukh. Anuj joins her and asks if Vanraj and Leela said something to her again. Anupama says she and Hasmukh are stubborn, she will take pheras with smile and needs both her father and her husband, etc. She chats with the doctor and informs that they need not worry much as operation can be performed after 2 days. Anuj thanks god and says they will take good care of Hasmukh. Anupama says tomorrow is haldi ritual and day after tomorrow marriage, they will give immense happiness and cure his half illness before surgery, they will fulfill Hasmukh’s dream tomorrow, etc.

Next day, doctor tests Hasmukh and says he is perfect, but shouldn’t exert himself even a big. Samar says then Bapuji cannot dance.

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